Test 1

1.With the _______of Mary, all the girl students are eager to go to the party.

 A.exhibition B.exception C.except D.reception

2.Although the traffic is not busy, he likes to drive at a _______ speed.

 A.spare B.fast C.moderate D.moral

3.All the memories of his childhood had _______ from his mind by the time he was 65.

 A.faded B.illustrated C.confined D.concerned

4.This river is so big that it is impossible to build a _______ under it without modern technology.

 A.canal B.tunnel C.channel D.cable

5.The _______ is nearly dead , so I can not start the car again.

 A. bean B.beam C.bake D.battery

6.When making modern cameras , people began to _______ plastics for metal.

 A. surround B.substance C.stretch D.substitute

7.With the help of the government , a large number of people ---_______ after the flood in 1991.

 A. survived B.suspended C.suffered D.subjected

8.He always has a lot of _______ ideas in his mind , and sometimes we do not even know what he is thinking about.

 A. novel B.spoil C.acceptable D.additional

9.Please be serious. I am not _______. You should consider it carefully

 A. sorting B.joking C.counting D.comparing

10.We do not have a _______ school in our institute. The highest degree we provide for the students is a B. A. and a B. S. .

 A. continue B.bay C.assistance D.graduate

11.In the United States, the foreign policy is decided by the ________ government, not by each state.

 A. federal B.figure C.scientific D.service

12.He works in our university as a visiting _______, not as a formal faculty member.

 A. traditional B.scholar C.nurse D.pilot

13.When you fill in the application form, please use your _______ address so that we can contact you easily later.

 A. policy B.plain C.permanent D.principal

14.John _______ to be a polite man. But in fact he is very rude.

 A. pretends B.assures C.affords D.melts

15.We can not trust him any more because he often ________ his duty.

 A. owes B.spoils C.deserts D.neglects

16.In order to increase our output, we need to import more production _______.

 A. facilities B.hens C.votes D.artists

17.When a spacecraft travels, one of the major problems is reentry into the Earth’s _______.

 A. surface B.atmosphere C.attitude D.bent

18.This river forms a natural _______ between China and Korea.

 A. boundary B.string C.spot D.zone

19.She is already 16years old. But she _______as if she were still a little girl.

 A. believes B.absorbs C.accrses D.behaves

20.We are _______ at the rapid progress Mark has made in this semester.

 A. distinguished B.annoyed C.astonished D.scored

21.The doctors _______ the medicines to the people in the flood area.

 A. distributed B.packed C.prayed D.undertook

22.Much of the news provided by this newspaper is _______, not foreign.

 A. domestic B.strain C.purchase D.murder

23.He tried to _______relations with his former wife but he failed.

 A. measure B.maintain C.shelter D.reply

24.He _______ to study harder in the future so that he could have more opportunities to find a better job.

 A. resolved B.resorted C.requested D.reserved

25.The _______ work continued for more than a week but there was still no sign of the missing boy.

 A. research B.rescue C.vessel D.vast

26.Many kinds of animals are believed to have _________ from the earth

 A. withdrawn B.vanished C.found D.hung

27.The engineers in this lab spent several weeks _______ their plans for the new bicycle.

 A. counting B.stripping C.elaborating D.casting

28.Pine trees are usually believed to _______ cold weather.

 A. guard B.accomplish C.roar D.endure

29.Free medical service is _______ to nearly all the college students in China.

 A. favorite B.available C.convenient D.average

30.After working for twenty hours without any rest, the doctors were _______.

 A. exhausted B.mounted C.wrapped D.restored

31.The college students in China are _______ from smoking on campus because this will do them no good.

A. discouraged B.observed C.obeyed D.obtained

32.Professor Smith is also the _______ of the international program office. If you have any problem when you study here, you may go to him for help.

 A. detective B.president C.manager D.director

33.We won’t allow any foreign country to _______ in our internal affairs.

 A. devote B.district C.interfere D.wander

34.We can not _______ all the magazines together.

 A. route B.draw C.thread D.bind

35.What he said in the meeting _______ everybody present.

 A. disgusted B.dismissed C.disposed D.eliminated

36.Some lazy men would rather _______ than work.

 A. indicate B.declare C.solve D.starve

37.This boy was _______ for what he had done in the class.

 A. scolded B.overcome C.inclined D.displayed

38.Some states in the United States _______ people to carry guns.

 A. apply B.charm C.ignore D.forbid

39.Carelessness made him fall in his job _______.

 A.interview B.intention C.stomach D.stocking

40.Sometimes it is very difficult to _______ some of the English words. Even the native speaker can not help.

 A. decrease B.create C.define D.delight

41.Students with _______ problems may apply for student loans.

 A. economic B.financial C.male D.economical

42.Both sugar and salt can ______in water.

 A. desert B.absorb C.dissolve D.involve

43.I have not heard anything from him since his _______.

 A. departure B.fault C.foundation D.acciptance

44.Without a proper education, people could _______ all kinds of crimes.

 A. conduct B.stoop C.commit D.sweat

45.Several loudspeakers are _______ from the ceiling and we can hear the speaker very clearly.

 A. connected B.sustained C.associated D.suspended

46.This morning in the class, our teacher lost his _______ at last because he could not stand any more.

 A. temper B.terror C.verse D.contain

47.It is not ---_______ for me to return all the books to the library now because I still need some of them for my research.

 A. continuous B.difficult C.convenient D.sufficient

48.When traveling alone in the mountains, you’d better take a _______ with you in case you get lost.

 A. compass B.compress C.complse D.campus

49.As a teacher, you should not _______ the students from asking questions in class.

 A. ruin B.restrain C.import D.impose

50.If you have any problems during your study here, please do not _______ to call me for help

 A. hesitate B.despair C.urge D.request

1.B 2.C 3.A 4.B 5.D 6.D 7.A 8.A 9.B 10.D 11.A 12.B 13.C 14.A 15.D 16.A 17.B 18.A 19.D 20.C 21.A 22.A 23.B 24.A 25.B 26.B 27.C 28.D 29.B 30.A 31.A 32.D 33.C 34.D 35.A 36.D 37.A 38.D 39.A 40.C 41.B 42.C 43.A 44.C 45.D 46.A 47.C 48.A 49.B 50.A