What are the differences between dogs and cats, if you have both a cat and a dog in your home?


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I have 2 dogs and 25 cats currently. And here are the differences I've observed:


1.When you pet them

Dog - “Ooh! I love being petted, this is perfect. I love you human. I love you so much, you are amazing.

Cat - “ I wanna be petted, but I also wanna scratch your hand and watch you bleed.


2. When you feed them

Dog - “ This is the yummiest food on earth, I am so grateful, did I tell you I love you human? I love you very much.

Cat - “ I don't like this food, I wanna eat that lizard on the wall or the dog’s food. But anyway I will eat this and vomit it out on the carpet. You should be grateful.


3. When they break something

Dog - “ I am so sorry human. I am never gonna do this again, I am a bad boy.

Cat - “ I am gonna knock this one off the table too and break everything to pieces, I am the God.
” 猫:“我要把桌子上这个也弄掉,把所有东西都撕碎,我才是上帝。”


4. On meeting visitors

Dog - “ Oh! My human’s human. I love you too. Would you like to play in our garden? Would you like to see my bed? You can have my favorite socks. I am so excited.

Cat - “ F*ck no! Stay away. Get out of here before I burn this house down.


5. When you call them

Dog - “ I heard you calling, I got so excited and came running to you. I love you human, thanks for calling my name. I know you love me.

Cat - “ What the hell does this stupid human want from me now?


6. When you come back home

Dog - “ You've been gone forever, I missed you so much. I thought you left, I am so happy you didn't die. I love you.

Cat - “ Feed me!!


7. Kind of presents

Dog - “ I've brought these dirty socks for you. I’ve some sticks and some old newspapers too. They are all yours.

Cat - “ I kept this dead mouse on your pillow to surprise you, I’ve a bird too if you want. This is my favorite leaf, you can keep it.

Despite all these differences both cats and dogs love their human very much!