It may be 25 years since Friends first aired on TV, but millennials are eagerly snapping up merchandise from the hit show, which is currently flooding the high street.

From ASOS to Zara, retailers are cashing in on a new generation of enthusiasts discovering Friends for the first time on Netflix, as well as the fond nostalgia of the original fan base.

Primark has launched a range of t-shirts including one with Joey's famed 'How you doin' phrase as well as Central Perk pyjamas.

Meanwhile, Urban Outfitters has sold out of a pink t-shirt with a picture of Rachel, Phoebe and Monica, and H&M's offering is also out of stock.
同时品牌Urban Outfitters推出的一件粉色T恤,衣服上印有瑞秋、菲比和莫妮卡的照片,这款衣服已经售完。H&M出品的相关周边也已经售罄。

High street giant Zara has jumped on the bandwagon too with t-shirts featuring iconic scenes from the show, including one with Monica wearing a turkey on her head with the slogan: 'The One With All The Thanksgivings.'

'Since the iconic 90s show Friends started streaming on Netflix it's has gained a strong new generation of fans just as enamoured by Joey, Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, Monica and Chandler as previous viewers,' he said.

'It's no surprise that 'merch' of the ever popular show is now more in-demand than ever.

Mango has a t-shirt with the poignant slogan 'Friends are forever' with the names of Monica, Joey, Chandler, Ross, Rachel and Phoebe on the back.

And Grazia's TV columnist Paul Flynn told that the popularity of the merchandise may be down to millennials' longing to tap into an authentic vision of friendship. 
Grazia电视专栏作家Paul Flynn称,这部剧的周边大热也许可以归结于千禧一代也渴望建立一个真实的友谊愿景。

'It's the last documentation of friendship in the pre-digital era,' he said.