How do I become gorgeous in exactly one month?


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5 Tips for become gorgeous in one month:

1.Drink more water:

Water is needed to carry out our body functions, remove waste and carry nutrients and oxygen around our body. Since we lose water everyday through urine, bowel movements, perspiration and breathing. The amount of water we need is dependent on various factors such as the humidity, our physical activity and your weight. We need to drink water 2-3 litres or about 8-10 glasses.

2. Cut out soda and caffeine:

Drinks with caffeine are speed up the rate of urine production. Hence, these drinks do not contribute to your 8 glasses of water/day requirement. They actually take away from it. Coca-Cola and colored sodas stain your teeth and also unhealthy for us. It causes weight gain, is an artificial stimulant.

3. Eat more fruits and vegetables:

Fruits and Vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet . They are a plethora of vitamins and minerals. Fill your plate with these nutritious fruits and Vegetables like Watermelon, Tomatoes, Carrots, Cucumbers, Apricots, Avocado, Cantaloupe, Grapefruit, Kiwi, Guava, Papaya, Strawberries, Bell Peppers.

4. Meditate:

Meditation is relaxation. It is not about concentration. It’s actually about deconcentration. It’s not about focusing one’s thoughts on one thing, but instead on becoming thoughtless.

Benefits of Meditation:

· A calm mind

· Good concentration

· Better clarity

· Improved communication

·Relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind and body

5. Find an activity you love:

It is important that you have an activity you can easily get lost in to de-stress. This activity should be one where you lose track of time and are entirely absorbed in whatever that activity happens to be. Doing your "flow state" activity weekly is one of the best ways to enrich your life and help to combat built-up tension.