[00:00.00]page 35
[00:17.61]Unit 3
[00:20.77]What is the weather like?
[00:24.92]Look and read
[00:26.96]A long time ago,there was a farmer.
[00:36.10]His name was Hong.He lived in China.
[00:44.36]He had some pigs on his farm.He had some ducks and some chickens.
[00:55.54]He had a dog and a cat.It was spring.It was warm and wet.
[01:08.70]Hong planted some rice.It was summer.the sun was hot.
[01:19.44]Hong built a new house.It was autumn,It was cool and dry.
[01:32.68]Hong cut the rice.He put the rice in his house.
[01:40.23]Then it was winter. It was cold and windy.
[01:49.09]Hong was in his house.It was warm in the house.
[01:57.13]page 46
[02:06.09]Read and write
[02:09.65]The weather report
[02:12.88]Here's the weather for Friday,the fourteenth of June.
[02:19.73]This morning it was hot and sunny.
[02:25.76]The temperature was thirty-five degrees.
[02:32.11]This afternoon it was wet.There were ten millimetres of rain.
[02:41.36]It was very windy. A storm is coming from the South China sea.
[02:50.63]page 47
[02:54.29]Look and say
[02:57.82]What is the weather like?What's the weather like?
[03:15.84]It's rainy.I don't like the rain. I like the sun.
[03:24.59]I like the rain.What's the weather like?
[03:42.96]I like the wind I don't like the wind.What's the weather like?
[03:56.59]It's hot and sunny.I don't like the sun.
[04:03.36]I like the rain and the wind.
[04:08.69]I like the sun.
[04:12.24]page 48
[04:15.71]Read a poem
[04:19.16]Jack's house
[04:22.40]This was Jack's house. This was Jack's rice.
[04:30.65]He put it in his house
[04:34.89]And everything was nice.
[04:39.43]There was a rat.It came to Jack's house.
[04:46.59]It ate Jack's rice and said, 'That was nice!'There was a cat.
[04:58.24]It came to Jack's house.
[05:02.60]It ate the rat and became very fat.
[05:09.86]There was a dog.It came to Jack's house.
[05:16.24]It chased the fat cat away from the house.
[05:23.08]There was Jack.
[05:22.08]He was in his house with his dog and his rice and everything was nice.