[00:00.00]page 41
[00:17.29]Unit 2 Different noises
[00:22.57]Read a story
[00:26.12]The little,green man
[00:30.38]Mary was in the sitting-room.
[00:37.51]There was a quiet noise-hsss.
[00:46.94]John came in.There was a small,round spaceship in the garden.
[01:00.29]John and Mary Looked at the spaceship
[01:07.87]Now there was a humming noise-hmmm.
[01:18.42]John and Mary were afraid.
[01:24.98]A little,green man looked at John and Mary.
[01:32.73]he was afraid,too.He jumped into the spaceship.
[01:41.09]There was a humming noise.There was a hissing noise.
[01:49.45]The spaceship flew into the sky.
[01:48.45]page 41
[01:52.89]Read and match
[01:56.66]Ben's noisy day
[02:00.91]Diary June
[02:05.72]2 Saturdday
[02:08.59]1)I got up at seven o'clock.
[02:14.34]I brushed my teeth and washed my face.
[02:29.10]I ate my breakfast.
[02:32.57]2)I played football in the morning. I scored two goas.
[02:43.02]3)I went home at one o'clock.we went to a restaurnt for lunch.
[02:56.48]The restaurant was noisy!
[03:00.34]4)I went to the park in the afternoon.
[03:14.08]There was a pop group.The music was very loud.
[03:20.25]It was super!
[03:30.38]Now Listen!
[04:11.71]page 43
[04:15.24]Read and say
[04:19.10]Ben likes loud music
[04:24.14]Did you like the loud music,Kitty?
[04:34.38]No,I didn't.
[04:38.54]I like quiet music.Ben and Kitty were to park
[04:47.68]I like the loud music. It was super!
[04:57.34]No,it wasn't.Ben liked the loud music.
[05:05.10]Kitty did not like the loud music.
[05:11.16]Do you like loud music,Ben?
[05:16.81]Yes,I do.Ben and Kitty were at home.Boom!Boom!Boom!Boom!
[05:29.87]I don't like your loud music.
[05:35.14]Kitty played some loud music.Ben did not like Kitty's loud music.
[05:45.49]page 44
[05:49.54]Look and read
[05:53.06]The musical clock
[05:56.54]This clock is in Old Town.
[06:01.21]It is a musical clock.The clock plays music.
[06:08.48]the little people move
[06:12.32]What time is it?
[06:15.69]Read and say
[06:19.34]It is five past one
[06:24.49]It is ten past one.
[06:29.77]It is twenty past one.It is twenty-five past one.
[06:40.92]It is twenty-five to two
[06:46.80]It is twenty to two.
[06:51.06]It is ten to two.
[06:56.02]It is five to two.
[07:00.17]Point,ask and answer
[07:04.85]What time is it?
[07:13.18]It's five past one.