[00:00.00]page 37
[00:18.00]Module 3 Things around us
[00:23.85]unit 1 Colours aroud us
[00:29.13]Say and act
[00:32.97]Whose bird is this?
[00:40.62]Is it yours,Grandma? No,it's not mine.
[00:49.40]Mine is black.Is it Grandpa cai's? No,it's not his.
[01:03.35]His is blue.Is it Mrs Chen's? No,It's not hers.
[01:17.61]Hers is yellow.Is Mr and Mrs Wang's? No,it's not theirs.
[01:31.48]Their is green.Is it yours,Mr and Mrs Li?
[01:40.62]No,it's not ours.Ours is brown.
[01:48.28]It's Mr Tang's.Is it yours,Mr Tang? Yes,it's mine.
[01:59.75]page 38
[02:09.02]Read and say
[02:12.26]Where's my bird? It was in the cage.
[02:20.02]Look!The door is open.The bird was in the cage.
[02:30.18]Now it is in the tree.It was in the tree.
[02:40.84]Now it is under the bench.It was under the bench Now it is on the bench
[02:56.69]Where's my bird? It was in the tree.
[03:04.27]Now it's in the cage.
[03:08.63]Point,ask and answer
[03:13.07]S1:Where's the bird?
[03:16.55]S2:It was in the cage.
[03:21.72]Now it's in the tree
[03:25.56]page 39
[03:30.00]Look and read
[03:36.24]1 a It is an egg.
[03:40.00]b It was a black egg.
[03:44.97]Now it is a brown tadpole.
[03:52.41]c It was a brown tadpole.
[03:57.56]Now it is a green frog.
[04:03.72]2a It is an egg
[04:09.78]b It was a white egg.
[04:15.74]Now it is a green caterpillar.
[04:21.51]c It was a green caterpillar.
[04:28.67]Now it is a brown cocoon.
[04:34.13]d It was a brown cocoon.
[04:40.48]Now it is a blue butterfly.
[04:46.15]Look and talk
[04:49.91]S1:The butterfly was on a leaf.
[04:54.58]S2:now it's on a flower.
[04:59.83]page 40
[05:06.39]Look and read
[05:09.76]Colour changes
[05:14.62]1a The sky was black.
[05:18.98]b Now it is blue
[05:23.34]2a The leaves were green
[05:27.42]b Now they are brown.