[00:00.00]page 35
[00:03.50]More oral practice
[00:07.47]Look,ask and answer
[00:12.12]1)Tom is at home.He is going to meet a friend in the playgroud.
[00:20.98]How can he get there?
[00:24.45]2)Tom is a teacher at Joy School.How does he walk to work?
[00:34.01]3)Tom is at the bank.How can he get to the shop?
[00:42.76]4)Tom would like to post a letter after work.
[00:50.13]How can he get to the post office?
[00:54.67]page 36
[00:58.33]Listen and read
[01:02.09]oy boy toy
[01:08.94]oi noise join
[01:13.01]air hair pair
[01:18.76]ere where there
[01:22.83]ear wear bear
[01:26.67]ear hear near
[01:32.87]ere here
[01:35.32]ier heavier easier
[01:39.58]ure sure
[01:43.94][l] l late bell
[01:49.51][r] r ride round
[01:55.07][j] y yes you
[02:00.50][w] w we
[02:05.65]wh when what
[02:09.49][h] h he hat
[02:15.03]Listen and circle
[02:18.97]Listen and circle the words you hear
[02:24.64]1)let rat
[02:29.60]2)light right
[02:34.15]3)long wrong
[02:38.69]4)lot red
[02:43.45]5)noise north
[02:47.99]6)boy ball
[02:52.36]7)toy tall
[02:57.11]8)coin call
[03:02.07]9)year hear
[03:06.93]10)yes has
[03:11.19]11)yellow hello
[03:15.94]12)yet hat