[00:00.00]page 22
[00:18.00]Module 2 My favourite things
[00:23.77]Unit 1 Animals in the zoo
[00:29.23]Look and read
[00:36.05]I'm Mr Tang.I work in a zoo.
[00:42.89]I'm a zoo-keeper.I feed the animals and birds.
[00:52.04]I clean their cages.I like the birds and animals.
[01:01.41]The birds and animals like me.
[01:07.06]Timetable Tang Weiwen
[01:15.47]6.00 Open the gates
[01:20.51]6.30 Clean the cages
[01:25.79]7.45 Feed the tigers(10 kilos of meat)
[01:33.96]8.00 Feed the monkeys(10 kilos of fruit)
[01:42.50]8.15 Feed the parrots (5 kilos of fruit and 3 kilos of corn)
[01:53.66]8.30 Feed the elephants(50 kilos of hay)
[02:01.42]8.40 My breakfast!(noodles and chicken)
[02:09.46]page 23
[02:13.25]Say and act
[02:17.30]Excuse me,Mr Tang.
[02:22.16]What time do gou feed the elephants?
[02:27.51]I feed them at half past eight in the morning.
[02:33.08]What do the elephants eat? They eat hay.
[02:40.84]How much hay do they eat? They eat 50 kilos of hay.
[02:49.30]When do you clean their cage?
[02:54.05]I clean their cage at half past six in the morning.
[03:00.72]page 24
[03:04.37]Look and learn
[03:08.53]left right
[03:14.69]up down along
[03:22.55]Look and read
[03:28.12]Moon Park
[03:31.28]Yanan Rood
[03:35.04]Rainbow Hotel
[03:39.01]Holiday Hotel
[03:42.35]You are here.
[03:45.72]Excuse me.Where is Moon Park?
[03:51.60]Go to Yanan Road.
[03:55.55]The Rainbow Hotel's on the left.
[04:00.51]The Holiday Hotel's on the right.
[04:05.37]Walk along Yanan Road.
[04:10.33]Cross a small road.
[04:14.20]The underground station is on the left.
[04:19.24]Go up the steps.
[04:22.48]It is Moon Park.
[04:26.27]Now listen!
[06:24.10]page 25
[06:27.94]Ask and answer
[06:32.10]Elephants Tigers
[06:36.77]Monkeys Parrots
[06:41.74]Birds Lions
[06:46.70]Giraffes Plant houses
[06:52.34]Zoo Road Park Road
[06:57.80]You are here.
[07:01.17]Excuse me.Where are the tigers?
[07:07.83]Go down the steps.Cross the small road.
[07:14.18]Walk up the steps.Walk along Zoo Road.
[07:20.95]Cross Park Road.The tigers are on the left.
[07:27.29]Make a parrot
[07:33.07]1 Draw a parrot.
[07:38.63]2 Colour gour parrot.Use two colours.
[07:48.38]3 Cut out gour parrot.
[07:54.54]page 26
[07:58.20]Ask and answer
[08:01.85]Where are the parrots?
[08:06.30]Where's the red and yellow parrot?
[08:11.36]It's on the branch.