[00:00.00]page 7
[00:17.29]Unit 2 Use your ears!
[00:22.65]Read and say
[00:26.49]Ben's new bicycle
[00:30.93]Ben has a new bicycle.
[00:37.09]It is a red one. It has a bell.
[00:44.54]Ben rides his bicycle to the shop.
[00:51.20]Excuse me!
[00:54.73]Ting-ting... I'm sorry.I can't hear your bell. It's too quiet.
[01:04.47]2.Ben rides his bicycle to the park.A man walks in front of his bicycle.
[01:15.81]Excuse me!Ting-ting. Ting-ting.Be careful!
[01:23.25]Your bell is too quiet!
[01:27.69]Ben can see two old ladies.They are both asleep.
[01:38.35]Sam walks in front of Ben's bicycle.
[01:45.20]Excuse me,Sam! Ting-ting.Ting-ting. Woof!
[01:53.16]The two old ladies are awake.They are angry.
[02:02.23]They do not like Ben's bell.
[02:07.27]Ssh....Be quiet!Your bell is too loud!
[02:19.83]I'm sorry.Woof,woof!
[02:26.78]page 8
[02:31.33]Look and say
[02:34.98]a.Dad,I like my new bicycle but I don't like this bell.
[02:43.84]I want a new one.
[02:48.20]This one's too quiet.I want a loud one.
[02:55.86]b.OK.Let's put a new,loud bell on your bicycle.Give me a hammer,Ben.
[03:07.32]c.Do you want both hammers.Dad?
[03:12.37]d.No,the small one, please. Give me a screwdriver,Ben.
[03:20.44]e.Do you want both screwdrivers,Dad?
[03:26.08]f.No,the big one, please.Give me a bell,please,Ben.
[03:33.52]g.Do you want both bells,Dad?
[03:38.51]h.No,the loud one,please.There you are.Try it!
[03:46.25]2.That's loud! Thanks,Dad.
[03:51.99]TING-TING! You're welcome.
[03:57.74]page 9
[04:00.80]Make a musical instrument
[04:05.24]What are you doing,Alice?
[04:09.91]I'm making a musical instrument.It's a shaker.
[04:17.36]Give me a cup,please.
[04:22.03]Do you want both cups?
[04:26.79]No,the big one,please.
[04:31.44]Give me some beans, please.
[04:35.70]Do you want the big ones or the small ones?
[04:41.97]The big ones,please.
[04:45.52]You need a paper cup some beans or rice some paper some string
[05:03.57]1.Here is an empty paper cup.
[05:10.62]2.Put some beans or rice in the paper cup.
[05:17.47]3.Draw a circle on the paper.
[05:23.71]4.Cut out the circle. Put it over the paper cup.
[05:32.17]5.Tie some string round the paper and the cup.
[05:41.24]6.Shake your shaker! Is it loud or quiet?
[05:53.80]page 10
[05:56.86]Play a game
[05:59.92]Hide the shaker
[06:04.59]Close your eyes, children.Can you see the shaker?
[06:13.05]No,Miss Fang.
[06:17.31]Danny,shake the shaker!
[06:21.99]Stop!Hide the shaker. Open your eyes.
[06:32.25]Where is the shaker? Is it behind the blackboare?
[06:40.40]Is it in the cupboard? No,it isn't.
[06:47.35]Is it in your bag?
[06:52.50]Is it under the table?
[06:56.55]Sing a song