[00:00.00]OXFORD ENGLISH shanghai edition
[00:50.78]page 2
[00:54.94]Module 1
[00:58.38]Using my five senses
[01:02.82]unit 1 Use your eyes!
[01:07.87]Look and read
[01:11.42]The sun rises behind the mountain in the morning.
[01:17.58]The block's shadow is long.It is behind the block.
[01:26.05]The sun is hight in the sky in the afternoon.
[01:32.29]The block's shadow is short.It is beside the block.
[01:40.73]The sun goes down in the evening.
[01:45.27]The block's shadow is long.It is in front of the block.
[01:53.21]page 3
[01:56.27]Look and say
[01:59.75]Where are they?
[02:03.40]1.Mum,I can't see my bag.Where is it? It's behind my chair.
[02:12.83]2.Mum,I can't see my books.Where are they?
[02:19.60]They're inside your bag.
[02:23.86]3.Mum,I can't see my umbrella.Where is it? It's outside our flat.
[02:34.20]4.Ben,I can't see my glasses.Where are they?
[02:41.04]They're on your head.
[02:45.41]Now listen!
[04:10.17]page 4
[04:13.23]Make a shadow
[04:16.89]1.Draw a boy or a girl
[04:24.25]2.Colour your boy/girl black.
[04:32.01]3.Cut out your shadow.
[04:39.07]Look and say
[04:43.92]Close your eyes,children.
[04:49.99]1.Can you see? No,Miss Fang.
[04:56.05]2.Danny,hide your shadow.
[05:02.11]3.Open your eyes.Can you see my shadow?
[05:09.58]Is it on the table. No!
[05:15.51]Is it behind the blackboard? Yes!
[05:21.75]page 5
[05:26.43]Say and act
[05:30.27]What have you got?
[05:34.81]red apples big strawberries
[05:43.98]black grapes oranges
[05:53.23]yellow bears green grapes
[06:03.78]green plums bananas
[06:11.93]green apples cherries
[06:19.69]small strawberries green pears
[06:30.45]black plums
[06:35.10]Have you got any pineapples?
[06:40.38]Sorry,I haven't got any pineapples.
[06:46.26]Have you got any apples?
[06:50.91]Yes,I've got some apples.Red ones or green ones? Red ones,please.
[07:01.56]page 6
[07:06.11]Look and say
[07:09.74]red apples strawberries
[07:16.79]black grapes durians
[07:27.14]oranges pears
[07:34.71]green graps green plums
[07:42.47]bananas green apples
[07:50.33]cherries black plums
[07:58.07]Have you got any oranges?
[08:03.21]Yes,I've got some oranges.
[08:08.78]I can't see.Where are they?
[08:16.04]They're behind the pears.