[00:00.00]page 39
[00:03.08]Unit 3 Follow the signs!
[00:05.20]单元三 跟随标志
[00:07.31]Say and act
[00:11.08]At the swimming pool Don't run!It's dangerous.
[00:15.61]正在游泳池要不断游的! 它是危险的。
[00:20.14]Don't jump into the pool!It's dangerous.Don't play with that ball!It's dangerous
[00:27.96]不要跳进水池! 它是危险的.不要玩那个球! 它是危险的。
[00:35.79]Don't eat here.Rules for the swimming pool Don't run!
[00:41.56]不要在这里吃。游泳池的规章 不能游。
[00:47.33]Don't jump into the pool!Don't play ball games!Don't eat!
[00:52.96]不要跳进水池! 不要打球! 不要吃!
[00:58.59]page 40
[01:01.34]Look and say
[01:04.21]In the park
[01:07.37]Eddie and Danny like football,At four o'clock they go to the park.
[01:17.22]A boy is riding his bicycle in the park
[01:23.49]You can't ride your bicycle here.Why not?Look at the sign!
[01:32.03]At half past four girl comes,She has a dog.
[01:36.21]在4 点半女孩来,她有一条狗。
[01:40.39]You can't bring your dog here.Why not?Look at the sign!
[01:44.11]你不能在这里带来你的狗.为什么? 看标牌!
[01:47.83]At a quarter past five a man comes.Eddie and Danny are playing football.
[01:49.96]You can't play football here.Why not?Look at the sign!
[01:58.89]Make a sign Don't run!Don't swim!Don't pick the flowers !Don't play ball games
[02:06.83]制一个标牌 不要跑! 不要游泳! 不要挑花! 不要打球!
[02:14.77]Don't walk on the grass!Don't eat!
[02:18.05]不要在草地上走! 不要吃!
[02:21.33]page 41 Read and write
[02:23.51]第四十一页 读并且写
[02:25.69]a:They are in the country park.They are having a picnic.
[02:32.54]b:They are going to North Country Park by bus.
[02:38.60]c:The Lis are going to South underground station.
[02:45.15]d:They are putting their rubbish in the bin.
[02:50.93]e:They are walking to the bus stop.
[02:55.89]f:They are walking in North Country Park.
[03:01.45]page 42
[03:04.69]More oral practice
[03:08.06]Look and say
[03:11.02]Rose:How many children are there in our school?
[03:15.56]Kitty:There are two hundred children in our school.
[03:20.52]Rose;How many classrooms are there in our school?
[03:25.38]Kitty:There are five classrooms in our school.
[03:30.24]Rose:How many lessons do you have every day?
[03:34.68]Kitty:I have seven lessons every day.
[03:39.23]Rose:Which subjict do you like best?
[03:43.69]Kitty:I like English best.
[03:47.74]Rose:What subject do you have today?
[03:52.32]Kitty:I have English Chinese,Maths,Art and Craft.
[03:56.29]基蒂:我有英语 语文,数学,艺术和工艺。
[04:00.26]Music,Physical Education and Science today.
[04:06.13]Rose:Which day do you like best.
[04:10.08]Kitty:I like Wednesday best
[04:13.94]Rose:How do you go to school?
[04:17.18]Kitty:I go to school by bus.
[04:21.02]page 43
[04:24.39]Listen and read
[04:27.35]or short north al hall fall
[04:31.67]or 短的 北方 al 会堂 落下
[04:35.99]au autumn daughter oor door floor
[04:39.68]au 秋天 女儿 orr 门 地板
[04:43.36]o off wrong a what want
[04:47.79]no 关上 错误 a 什么 想要
[04:52.21]er her term ir bird third
[04:56.69]ner 她的 学期 ir 鸟 第三
[05:01.17]ur nurse turn or work word
[05:04.80]nur 护士 转动 or 工作 字,词
[05:08.44]er teacher paper a panda banana
[05:13.41]ner 老师 报纸 a 熊猫 香蕉
[05:18.39]ch cheap rich age giraffe
[05:23.56]ch 便宜的 富有的 age 长颈鹿
[05:28.73]j job juice sh share fish
[05:33.30]j 工作 (果)汁 sh 共享 鱼
[05:37.88]usually pleasure
[05:43.62][ts]ts lights parts [dz]ds cards clouds
[05:49.16][ts]ts 明亮的 部分 [dz]ds 卡片 云
[05:54.70]Listen and circle
[05:57.86]1 not north 2 shop short
[06:02.34]1 不 北方 2 商店 计和
[06:06.82]3 mop morning 4 doll door
[06:10.50]3 拖把 早上 4 洋娃娃 门
[06:14.19]5 bird board 6 nurse store
[06:17.76]5 鸟 木板 6 护士 贮备
[06:21.34]7 third thought 8 work walk
[06:25.07]7 第三 思考 8 工作 步行
[06:28.79]9 big bigger 10 dark darker
[06:32.62]9 大的 更大的 10 黑暗的 更黑暗的
[06:36.44]11 sad sadder 12 meet metre
[06:40.32]11 悲伤的 更悲伤的 12 遇见 公尺
[06:44.20]13 shoes choose 14 sheep cheap
[06:48.33]13 鞋子 选择 14 羊 便宜的
[06:52.46]15 shirt church 16 wash watch
[06:56.69]15 衬衫 教堂 16 冲洗 注视