[00:00.00]Unit 3 The seasons
[00:20.14]Read and tick
[00:23.56]Four seasons
[00:26.59]In spring,It's warm.
[00:32.47]It's not cold.It's wet.Plants grow And grow.
[00:41.35]In spring,we can see...In summer,It's hot.
[00:55.48]It's not cool.It's wet.The sun shines And shines.
[01:05.88]In summer,we can see...
[01:16.80]In autumn,It's cool.It's not hot.It's dry.
[01:26.67]Leaves fall And fall.
[01:29.91]In autumn,we can see...
[02:12.03]In winter,It's cold.It's not warm.It's dry.
[02:20.97]The wind blows And blows.In winter,we can see...
[02:32.72]Play a game
[02:37.97]What season is it?
[02:41.81]IS it winter?
[02:44.11]No,it isn't.
[02:46.65]Is it summer?Yes,it is.
[02:51.16]Learn the sounds
[02:55.58]u Hold up the cup.
[03:00.41]Pull and push.
[03:05.40]Look and say
[03:09.79]Ben.It's cold today.Heres's your coat.
[03:15.82]Thanks,Mum.Where's my hat?Here it is.Thanks,Ben
[03:23.24]It's wet.Where's my umbrella?Here it is.
[03:31.03]Thanks,Mum.That isn't her umbrella.Her umberlla's green.
[03:36.77]That's my umbrella.Take my umbrella,Ben.
[03:42.05]Thanks,Mum.Where are my gloves?Here you are.
[03:52.34]Say and act
[03:57.12]The season I like
[04:00.10]Look at this photograph.Who is he?
[04:04.91]He is my brother,Ben.What season is it?
[04:09.66]It is spring.It's wet.Ben has his pink umbrella.
[04:15.10]I like spring.It's warm.Do you like spring?
[04:20.37]No,I don't like it.I like summer.Ben summer is veryhot!
[04:26.67]Yes,it is.
[04:28.52]Now listen!