[00:00.00]Unit 2 Toys I like
[00:18.94]Look and say
[00:21.16]At the toy shop
[00:23.90]These bicycles are super!
[00:33.44]I like this bicycle.These dolls are beautiful.
[00:40.15]I like this doll.Do you like these bicycles?
[00:47.36]No,I don't like bicycles.I like bears.
[00:53.89]I like this bear.
[00:56.40]Read a story
[01:04.52]I don't like cats.I don't like dogs.
[01:22.08]I like cars.I don't like cars.
[01:27.98]I like skateboards.I don't like skateboards.
[01:39.60]I like robots. I don't like robots!
[01:50.13]Make a robot
[01:57.26]boxes foil glue buttons
[02:10.17]1.Stick the foil.
[02:15.47]2.Stick the boxes.
[02:21.48]3.Stick the buttons.
[02:23.64]Hello.My name's Ben.
[02:29.83]Hi,Ben.I'm Ron the robot.
[02:35.08]Look and say
[02:41.09]Do you like cars?No,we don't like cars.
[02:54.80]Do you like balls?Yes,we like balls.
[03:04.39]Learn the sound
[03:07.71]i The big pig is in the bin.