[00:00.00]Unit 3 Touching and feeling
[00:20.14]Look and learn
[00:22.36]soft hard rough smooth
[00:42.81]Look and say
[00:46.13]Touch this.
[00:48.59]How does it feel?It's hard.It's rough
[00:56.16]What is it?It's a biscuit!Touch this.
[01:04.55]How does it feel?It's smooth.What is it?
[01:11.18]It's a banana!Touch this.
[01:16.90]How does it feel?It's soft.What is it?
[01:23.44]It's a cat!
[01:26.13]Ask and answer
[01:30.64]Touch the desk.
[01:33.75]How does it feel?It's smooth and hard.
[01:40.94]Look and learn
[01:47.15]hot cold
[01:54.86]Play a game.Feel and guess.
[02:01.39]How does it feel?Is it hot?
[02:05.88]No,is isn't.Is it hard?Yes,it is.What is it?
[02:14.95]It's an apple. Yes.
[02:19.94]Learn the sound
[02:24.07]e She can see these trees on the street.