[00:00.00]Unit 9 Revision
[00:03.89]student book page 42
[00:08.54]Let's revise
[00:11.78]Trace the lines from "Aa" to "Mm".
[00:16.14]A B C D E F G H I J K L M
[00:46.00]student book page 43
[00:50.76]Let's revise
[00:54.02]Look at the pictures and say the sentences.
[00:58.88]I live in Shanghai.I love Shanghai.
[01:04.24]May I have a hot dog?
[01:07.68]I like to dance.I like to play.
[01:13.56]I go to Pudong by taxi.
[01:17.82]student book page 44-45
[01:25.19]Let's play
[01:27.93]Start.( ).
[01:33.28]Go on two steps.( ).
[01:39.53]Sing a song.( ).( )
[01:47.99]Stop once.( ).( ).( ).
[01:57.73]Dance.( ).( ).
[02:05.49]Go on one step.( ).
[02:12.26]Stop once.( ).( ).( ).
[02:22.60]Stop once( ).( ).( ).
[02:31.43]Write your name___.
[02:34.49]work booK page 29
[02:38.56]Listen and match the picture.
[03:02.52]work book page 30
[03:07.19]Listen and write the correct number in the box.