[00:00.00]page 41
[00:18.60]More oral practice
[00:22.15]Grandma's birthday is coming
[00:26.59]Make a dialogue about birthdays,like this:
[00:30.85]It's an important day tomorrow.
[00:35.29]Is it Dragon Boat Festival?
[00:39.55]No,Ben,it's April now.
[00:44.30]Dragon Boat Festival is always in May or June.
[00:50.47]Oh,I know.Is it Grandma's birthday?
[00:55.33]You're right,Kitty.
[00:58.80]That's nice.Uncles,aunts and cousins will come.
[01:03.95]Yes,we'll have a good time.
[01:08.52]It will be Grandma's sixtieth birthday.
[01:12.15]它将是奶奶的第60 个生日。
[01:15.78]We're going to have a big birthday party.
[01:21.42]Great!Are you going to make something special for the party,Mum?
[01:27.48]Yes,I'm going to make a nice,big birthday cake.
[01:34.15]Super!And we can play with our cousins.
[01:38.82]Now,we must get enough food for the party.
[01:45.98]I'll go to the supermarket.
[01:50.42]Are you coming with me?
[01:53.89]Hooray!Let's go!
[01:57.73]Let's be good friends of the Earth
[02:01.10]What must we do to be good friends of the Earth?
[02:05.05]Discuss with your classmates,like this:
[02:08.00]Have you heard about Friends of the Earth?
[02:11.76]Friends of the Earth?
[02:15.24]Are they the people who help to keep the environment clean?
[02:20.88]You're right.Alice and I have just become two new members.
[02:26.55]Really?What must you do?
[02:30.91]We promise to make less rubbish and never pollute the Earth.
[02:36.97]We also promise to plant more trees and flowers to make it more beautiful.
[02:44.52]That's nice.I want to be a Friend of the Earth. Do you?
[02:50.29]Yes,I do.I promise to use fewer plastic cups,
[02:57.14]knives and forks at the beaches.
[03:02.20]Also you must pick up litter and put it into litter bins.
[03:07.95]Yes,and don't forget to keep the rivers and lakes clean.
[03:13.83]Wow,there's a lot to do to look after the environment.
[03:19.47]I promise to do all these things.
[03:23.62]Me too.Let's be good friends of the Earth.