[00:00.00]page 27
[00:17.29]module 2 Relationships
[00:19.28]模块二 关系
[00:21.26]unit 1 Relatives
[00:23.33]单元 一 亲戚
[00:25.39]Look and learn
[00:28.24]This is Alice's family tree.
[00:32.81]grandmother grandfather
[00:35.38]祖母 祖父
[00:37.96]grandfather grandmother
[00:40.48]祖父 祖母
[00:43.00]dead uncle aunt
[00:46.42]死的 伯父 伯母
[00:49.84]mother father
[00:52.22]妈妈 爸爸
[00:54.60]aunt cousin
[00:58.28]伯母 堂兄弟姐妹
[01:01.96]brother Alice sister
[01:06.23]兄弟 艾丽丝
[01:10.50]These are.....
[01:14.14]our daughters.
[01:17.79]our grandsons.
[01:21.55]our granddaughters.
[01:25.52]These are....
[01:29.05]our sons.
[01:32.40]our daughters.
[01:35.74]These are....
[01:39.97]our nephews. our nephews.
[01:46.61]page 28
[01:49.45]Look and read
[01:53.11]It is Alice's birthday.
[01:57.08]She gets a lot of presents and birthday cards from her family and relatives.
[02:06.51]Dear daughter,
[02:13.75]Love,Mum and Dad
[02:18.61]Dear sister,
[02:22.16]Happy Birthday!
[02:25.71]Love,Your brothers and sister
[02:31.59]Dear granddaughter,
[02:35.72]Happy Birthday!
[02:39.76]Love,Grandpa and Grandma
[02:46.01]Dear cousin,
[02:49.53]Happy Birthday!
[02:53.69]Love,your cousins Kenneth and May
[02:56.81]爱,你的堂兄弟姐妹 肯尼思和梅
[02:59.93]Dear niece,
[03:03.69]Happy Birthday!
[03:07.35]Love,Aunt and Uncle
[03:12.31]Dear granddaughter,
[03:16.08]Happy Birthday!
[03:24.41]page 30
[03:27.05]Look and read
[03:30.00]1 Did you have a nice summer holiday,Alice?
[03:33.33]1 你你有个美好的暑假,艾丽丝?
[03:36.66]Yes,thanks.It was very nice.
[03:41.31]We visited our reatives in Beijing.
[03:46.87]Here's a photograph of all of us.
[03:51.92]These are my grandfather and grandmother.
[03:57.56]This is also my grandfather.
[04:01.92]He's my father's father.He lives with us.
[04:08.27]These are my uncle and aunt.
[04:12.53]They were in beijing,too.These are my cousins.
[04:19.00]How old are your cousins?They look bigger than you.
[04:27.55]Kenneth is fourteen and May is twelve.
[04:30.37]肯尼斯14 岁,5月是12日。
[04:33.19]2 I've got two aunts.How many aunts have you got?
[04:37.46]2 我有两位姑母。你有多少姑母?
[04:41.73]I've got two aunts,too.
[04:46.17]I've got two uncles.How many uncles have you got?
[04:54.43]I've only got one uncle.
[04:59.26]page 31
[05:02.00]Look and read
[05:04.95]Kitty,what do you usually do with your aunt?
[05:11.20]I always tell her about school.
[05:16.66]I usually show her my homework.
[05:22.53]What else do you usually do with your aunt?
[05:28.10]I sometimes wash the dishes with her.
[05:33.14]I never play football with her.
[05:37.82]Tommy Target
[05:39.25]汤米 目标
[05:47.91]孙子/ 孙女/儿子/女儿/ 侄子/ 侄女
[05:55.13]look(s) bigger than
[05:57.56]看 更大的 比
[05:59.99]look(s) older/younger than
[06:03.96]看 更老的/更年轻的 比
[06:07.93]tell him/her about____
[06:15.01]show them my____
[06:17.68]表示他们 我的_____