[00:00.00]page 20
[00:17.71]unit 4 The Earth
[00:19.63]单元 四 地球
[00:21.55]Look and learn
[00:24.61]the Earth the Sun
[00:26.95]地球 太阳
[00:29.28]stars the Moon
[00:32.26]星星 月亮
[00:35.24]Look and say
[00:38.30]1 Do you remember this photograph?
[00:40.52]1 你记得这张照片吗?
[00:42.74]We saw it at the Space Museum.
[00:46.89]Astronauts took it from space.Where is it?
[00:53.13]Is it South China?
[00:56.69]Yes,it is.You're right.
[01:01.86]2 Astronauts took this photograph from space,too.
[01:04.64]2 宇航员也接受太空的这张照片。
[01:07.42]Where is it?
[01:10.16]Is it the Moon?
[01:13.09]No,it isn't.
[01:16.85]Is it the Earth?
[01:20.09]Yes,it is.
[01:23.85]page 21
[01:26.60]Look and learn
[01:29.63]land sea/ocean clouds
[01:34.34]陆地 海洋/大海 云
[01:39.06]Look and say
[01:42.11]1 Look at the photograph of the Earth again.
[01:44.54]1 再次看地球的照片。
[01:46.97]What are the green parts?
[01:51.23]Are they land?
[01:54.29]Yes,they are.Well done.
[01:59.35]2 What are the white parts?
[02:01.72]2 白色的部分是什么?
[02:04.08]Are they sea?
[02:07.11]No,they aren't.They are clouds.
[02:12.68]What are the blue parts?
[02:16.23]They are sea.
[02:19.39]Yes,you're right.They are sea.
[02:24.95]page 22
[02:27.91]Look and read
[02:30.86]Our Earth is beautiful.There are rivers and streams.
[02:34.68]我们的地球是美丽的。 他们是河和溪。
[02:38.51]There are hills and mountains.There are woods and forests.
[02:47.47]There are all very beautiful.
[02:51.83]How much do you know about the Earth?
[02:58.00]Answer these questions and send the answeres back to us by post or by fax.
[03:09.47]You may need to look in your dictionary.
[03:14.51]Which is larger?A wood or a forest?
[03:24.17]Which is higher?A hill or a mountain?
[03:33.84]Which is longer?Which is wider?
[03:42.98]A river or a stream?
[03:47.34]page 23
[03:50.19]Read the poems
[03:56.98]Twinkle,twinkle little star.
[04:02.57]How I wonder what you are.
[04:07.90]Up above the world so high,Like a diamond in the sky.
[04:17.54]When the bright,hot Sun has gone,
[04:22.58]When the day has ended and the night has begun,
[04:29.24]Then you shine your little light,And twinkle,twinkle all the night.
[04:37.79]On a starry night
[04:41.44]On a sarry night
[04:45.10]The stars twinkle
[04:48.86]Like thousands of bright eyes
[04:54.22]Watching us and winking.
[04:58.66]On a cloudy night
[05:01.90]The stars are hidden As if they have closed their eyes.
[05:09.26]page 24
[05:14.67]There are air and water on the Earth.
[05:21.75]There are people,animals and plants on the Earth.
[05:29.69]People have lived on the Earth for millions of years.
[05:36.95]Many years ago,the Earth was clean.
[05:43.01]Today,there is air pollution,water pollution and land pollution.
[05:52.86]People are cutting down the foreste.
[05:57.83]Many plants,wild animals,birds and insects live there.
[06:07.26]People are killing animals for food and their skins.
[06:14.52]People are polluting the land,the water and the air.
[06:21.68]People must stop doing this.We must save the Earth.
[06:30.32]Tommy Target
[06:33.29]汤米 目标
[06:36.25]Wh and yes/no questions.
[06:39.28]Wh和是/ 没有问题。
[06:42.31]People must stop killing animals.
[06:47.48]cutting down forests.
[06:51.43]polluting the air.
[06:54.88]polluting the land.
[06:58.53]polluting the sea.
[07:01.90]Now listen!