[00:00.00]page 8
[00:14.79]unit 2 Air
[00:16.77]单元二 空气
[00:18.76]Read a poem
[00:24.48]Air has no smell.Air has no taste.
[00:31.74]But when the wind blows,You feel it on gour face.
[00:39.31]Look at a kite,Or a plane in the air.
[00:45.84]How do they stay there? They ride on air.
[00:49.11]他们怎样停留在那里? 他们乘坐空气。
[00:52.38]How does a balloon Rise in the air,And lift people up?
[01:00.63]It uses hot air.
[01:04.39]We need air to breathe.
[01:08.73]We need air to survive.
[01:13.09]And when we breathe it,It keeps us alive.
[01:19.05]page 9
[01:21.79]Look and read
[01:24.95]What's the matter,Kitty?
[01:33.02]Why are you crying?
[01:36.68]I'm not crying.My eyes hurt.
[01:43.24]It's the smoke from the traffic.
[01:48.20]There's a construction site.Look at the dust.
[01:53.95]The workers are burning rubbish there.
[01:59.61]Look at the smoke from the fire.
[02:04.66]The air in Garden City is very dirty.
[02:10.30]That's air pollution.
[02:18.45]page 10
[02:21.22]Look and think
[02:24.38]Where does air pollution come from?
[02:33.47]factories/smoke and dust
[02:39.82]construction sites/dust
[02:50.32]power stations/smoke and dust
[02:57.08]Look and say
[03:00.24]The air in Garden City is very dirty.
[03:04.61]That's air pollution.
[03:08.73]Where does air pollution come from?
[03:12.50]It comes from smoke from traffic.
[03:17.64]page 13
[03:20.80]Look and read
[03:23.76]The first aeroplane
[03:26.92]A hundred years ago,there were no aeroplanes.
[03:30.74]100 年以前, 没有飞机。
[03:34.57]Then Orville Wright and his brother,Wilbur,made the first aeroplane.
[03:44.55]The Wright brothers lived in Kittyhawk,USA.
[03:51.81]They made bicycles.
[03:56.56]The brothers watched the birds.
[04:02.63]They watched them fly through the air.
[04:07.59]They wanted to fly like the birds.
[04:13.15]Orville and Wilbur Wright made an aeroplane.
[04:21.02]They called it FLyer 1.
[04:23.80]他们叫它为飞行物 1。
[04:26.58]On 17 December 1903,Orville Wright climbed into the aeroplane.
[04:38.05]He started the engine.
[04:42.70]The aeroplane rolled forward and flew.
[04:49.36]Not many people saw this first flight.
[04:55.92]Only four men and a boy watched it.
[04:58.70]只有4 个人和一个男孩看它。
[05:01.48]The aeroplane did not fly very far:only 36.5 metres.
[05:11.75]It did not fly very hight:only 3.5 metres.
[05:19.92]It did not fly very fast:only at 48 kilometres per hour.
[05:24.45]迅速飞得不很多:只是在每个小时48 公里。
[05:28.99]It did not fly for very long:only for 12 seconds.
[05:37.63]However,it was the first aeroplane to fly.
[05:45.47]Tommy Target
[05:46.89]汤米 目标
[05:57.15]What's the matter?
[06:00.39]The air is quite dirty.
[06:04.64]The air is very clean.
[06:09.01]Where does air pollution come from?