Have you ever been outsmarted by an animal?


获得16.9k好评的回答@Alice S. Hattie:

Oh yes, but to be fair it was two against one.

I was lying down on the couch enjoying a lovely piece of cheesecake when Marmalade the cat, who was not an overly friendly cat, jumped on my stomach and began demanding pets with the hand that held the last and most delicious piece of cheesecake.

I was not about to have a hairy piece of cheesecake nor was I about to share. So I extended my arm far far away from the cat, so far in fact it was no longer even on the couch at all. My arm and the piece of cheesecake that was being held between my thumb and forefinger were sort of dangling in midair between the couch and coffee table.

Out of nowhere like some sort of dog ninja our shepherd ever so delicately removed the piece of dangling cheesecake from my fingers and waltzed away very casually. The suddenly needy affection-seeking cat pounced off me and followed suit.

The cat and the dog stopped in the foyer area, the cheesecake hit the floor, and the two of them licked at it TOGETHER. I sat and watched in awe, mouth agape. When they were done, they both looked my way and I swear they smiled.


获得5.2k好评的回答@Michael Erkelens:

Yes, this guy got the better of me:

We were touring Australia at the time when we passed a kangaroo farm where tourists could feed the kangaroos and meet them up close. We thought it would be fun, so we bought a little bag of food and entered the fenced area where around dozen kangaroos, large and small, were going about their business.

As I’m handing out food to cute little wallabies, this big ass kangaroo makes his way over to my position. He doesn’t wait for a handout, he goes straight for the bag. So I take a step back, but he persists, so I take another step back, and another and another. I’m still giggling at this point and I can see my wife pointing and smiling at me from a distance. With my wife watching, I decide to stand my ground and gently push the kangaroo’s arm away from the bag. Big mistake.

I’m a pretty tall guy, but this kangaroo rose up, looked me straight in the eyes and then punched me in the shoulder. All of a sudden, I realize this creature looks like Mike Tyson in a very bad mood. I decide to turn around and walk away, but as I look behind me, I realize the kangaroo has literally cornered me. I’m fenced off on both sides and the only way forward is being blocked by 200 pounds of muscle that can break me like a twig. As I turn forward, the kangaroo’s face is inches from mine and he’s staring at me as if to say; “That’s right punk, now hand over the bag”.

So that’s what I did .