1. A) The return of a bottled message to its owner’s daughter.
2. B) She wanted to honor her father's promise.
3. B) Several cases of Zika disease had been identified.
4. C) It lost a huge stock of bees.
5. A) It stayed in the air for about two hours.
6. C) Inadequate funding.
7. D) It is more environmentally friendly.

1. B) Scared.
2. D) It was covered with large scales.
3. A) A Study of the fast-food service.
4. C) Increased variety of products.
5. C) US government's approval of private space missions.
6. A) Deliver scientific equipment to the moon.
7. B) It is promising.

8. A) It seems a depressing topic.
9. D) They can't make it to the theatre in time.
10. C) It is the most amusing show he has ever watched.
11. B) Go and see the dance.
12. D) She worries she won't fit in as a transfer student.
13. C) Participate in after-school activities.
14. A) Give her help whenever she needs it.
15. D) She has just transferred to the college.

8. D) Lying in the sun on a Thai beach.
9. A) She visited a Thai orphanage.
10. D) His phone is running out of power.
11. C) He collects things from different countries.
12. D) Trying out a new gym in town.
13. C) A discount for a half-year membership.
14. D) The operation of fitness equipment.
15. C) She knows the basics of weight-lifting.

16. B) To find out which physical drive is the most powerful.
17. A) When they are hungry.
18. C) They prefer to be with other mice.
19. D) It is one of the best in the world.
20. B) To move troops quickly from place to place.
21. A) In the 1970s.
22. B) Messaging while driving.
23. D) A device to ensure people drive with both hands.
24. C) They are alerted with a light and a sound.
25. B) Using a connected app.

16. B) They often apply for a number of positions.
17. A) Get better organized.
18. D) Apply for more promising positions.
19. B) If not forced to go to school, kids would be out in the streets.
20. D) Design activities they now enjoy doing on holidays.
21. D) Take kids out of school to learn at first hand.
22. C) It is seen almost anywhere and on any occasion.
23. D) It offers people a chance to socialize.
24. A) Their state of mind improved.
25. B) It is life.


(An office tower on Miller…)
26. E) constructed
27. O) undertaken
28. F) consulted
29. C) collection
30. N) scale
31. I) eventually
32. K) necessarily
33. L) production
34. A) cheaper
35. J) height

(Neon is to Hong Kong as red phone booths…)

26. C) cast
27. L) replaced
28. F) efficient
29. J) professionals
30. E) decorative
31. G) electrified
32. I) photographed
33. B) approach
34. K) quality
35. H) identify

(Since the 1940s, southern California has…)

26. M) pollutants
27. N) restricted
28. C) consequence
29. J) innovation
30. F) detail
31. K) intended
32. L) outdoor
33. B) collaborating
34. I) inhabitants
35. E) creating

(Some College Students Are Angry That They Have to Pay to Do Their Homework)

36. K) A 20-year-old junior at Georgia Southern University…
37. D) "When we talk about the access code…
38. M) Harper, a poultry science major, is taking…
39. G) The access codes may be another financial headache
40. B) The codes—which typically range…
41. L) Benjamin Wolverton, a 19-year-old student…
42. H) A Pearson spokesperson told BuzzFeed News…
43. F) She decided to wait for her next work-study…
44. J) David Hunt, an associate professor in…
45. C) But critics say the digital access codes…

(New Jersey School District Eases Pressure on Students, Baring an Ethnic Divide)

36. F) Asian-American students have been eager participants…
37. C) But instead of bringing families together…
38. I) The issue of the stresses felt by students…
39. E) The district has become increasingly popular…
40. B) With his letter, Aderhold inserted West…
41. K) Not all public opinion has fallen along…
42. H) Jennifer Lee, professor of sociology…
43. D) About 10 minutes from Princeton…
44. A) This fall, David Aderhold, the chief of…
45. G) Both Asian-American and white families say…

(As Tourists Crowd Out Locals, Venice Faces 'Endangered' List)

36. E) Just beyond St. Mark's Square, a cruise ship…
37. J) Earlier this year, Italy signed an accord…
38. G) Venice's deadline passed with barely a murmur…
39. C) Venice is one of the hottest tourist destinations…
40. N) Then it hits him: This crowd isn't made up of…
41. F) For a time, UNESCO, the cultural wing of…
42. B) "People are cheering and holding their carts…
43. L) The city's current mayor, Luigi Brugnaro…
44. D) Laura Chigi, a grandmother at the march…
45. H) But UNESCO didn't even hold a vote…

(Passage One: For thousands of years, people…)

46. A) Seneca's thinking is still applicable today.
47. B) It is a teaching tool under development.
48. C) It helps them learn their academic subjects better.
49. D) They use various ways to explain the materials.
50. B) Their emotional involvement.
(Passage Two: A new batch of young women…)
51. D) They are better educated than their male counterparts.
52. C) They think it needs further improving.
53. B) Job stability and flexibility.
54. D) The balance between work and family.
55. A) They still view this world as one dominated by males.

(Passage One: Living in an urban area…)

46. B) Add to their sustained happiness.
47. A) Earn money more.
48. C) How long its positive effect lasts.
49. D) Their communication with others improved.
50. A) Find financial support.
(Passage Two: You probably know about the Titanic…)
51. C) They all experienced terrible misfortunes.
52. B) The utmost comfort passengers could enjoy.
53. A) It was a mere piece of decoration.
54. D) The belief that they could never sink with a double-layer body.
55. D) She was retired after her naval service.

(Passage One: Losing your ability to think…)

46. A) Not all of them are symptoms of dementia.
47. C) Communication within our brain weakens.
48. A) Totally forgetting how to do one’s daily routines.
49. C) Turn to a professional for assistance.
50. D) Staying active both physically and mentally.
(Passage Two: A letter written by Charles Darwin…)
51. B) It was stolen more than once.
52. A) They proved its authenticity.
53. D) His acknowledgement of help from a professional.
54. D) Make it available online.
55. B) Radical changes in archiving practices.