[00:00.00]3 Changes in Shanghai
[00:21.11]Look and learn
[00:23.95]more than seven hundred years ago
[00:29.02]fifty years ago
[00:32.37]ten years ago
[00:38.90]Look and read
[00:41.85]At the History Museum
[00:45.09]Many years ago,Shanghai was a small town.
[00:53.26]Only a few thousand people lived here.
[00:59.74]Many people were fishermen and farmers.
[01:05.91]Today,Shanghai is a big city.There are many tall building.
[01:16.36]More than thirteen million people live here.
[01:22.91]They do many different jobs.
[01:27.98]There are office workers,factory workers,builders,doctors and teachers.
[01:42.35]The Shanghai History Museum tells the story of Shanghai.
[01:50.97]In the muse-um,you can see an old village house,
[01:58.33]and old boat and many other old things.
[02:05.18]Look and say
[02:10.53]Look!Hundreds of years ago,there were no tall buildings.
[02:16.18]Yes.Today,there are a lot of tall buildings.
[02:21.74]Hundreds of years ago,there was no traffic.
[02:26.29]Shanghai was very quiet.
[02:29.84]Today,there's a lot of traffic.Today,it's busy and noisy.
[02:35.79]Look and read
[02:42.04]12 October 1997
[02:47.11]Dear Bill,
[02:49.67]Next month,on 5 november,I will come to Shanghai to see you.
[02:56.12]I left shanghai in 1947,fifty years ago!
[03:01.58]Here is a photograph of Shanghai fifty year ago.
[03:05.94]Also,here is a photograph of me fifty years ago and a photograph of me now.
[03:12.78]You will see a lot of changes!Fifty years ago,
[03:17.96]there were not many buildings.. Love Uncle John
[03:23.52]Tommy Target
[03:28.20]Hundreds of
[03:37.03]Ten years ago,...
[03:43.71]Now,it is very busy
[03:58.73]not many buildings/cars/buses
[04:04.92]not much traffic
[04:09.05]no traffic/tall buildings
[04:14.62]a lot of boats/big ships/
[04:23.50]many different jobs