[00:00.00]3 Festivals in China
[00:20.98]Look and read
[00:23.93]It is February and it is cold and rainy.Soon it will be Chinese New Year.
[00:32.26]1 people buy new clothes and food.
[00:38.92]2 Thousands of people go to the flower markets.
[00:45.09]They buy fruit trees and beautiful flowers.
[00:49.84]3 The New Year decorations are beautiful.
[00:55.30]4 People visit their families and give money in red packets to the children.
[01:03.16]It's the first day of Chinese New Year.
[01:10.61]Today,we are at home.This morning,Mum and Dad gave us some red packets.
[01:20.27]Tomorrow,we will visit Aunt May and Uncle Paul.
[01:27.04]I'll wear my new coat!We will have a special dinner together.
[01:35.69]I like Chinese New Year!
[01:40.05]Look and say
[01:44.80]Which festivals do you like?
[01:48.75]I like Chinese New Year,Mid-autumn Festival and Christmas.
[01:56.22]Which one do you like best?
[02:00.16]Chinese New Year.
[02:03.82]Tommy Target
[02:08.50]Soon it will be...
[02:13.75]We will visit...
[02:19.00]We will have...
[02:22.37]Which festivals do you like?
[02:27.23]Which one do you like best?
[02:34.80]Chinese New Year
[02:38.35]Qing Ming
[02:42.61]Lantern Festival
[02:45.77]Dragon Boat Festival
[02:49.33]Mid-autumn Festival