[00:00.00]2 Favourite food and drinks
[00:21.58]Read a poem
[00:24.32]I like chicken.I like rice.I like vegetables.They are very nice.
[00:34.17]I like ice-cream.
[00:38.14]I like cakes.But best of all I like The pancakes my mum makes.
[00:46.68]Look and say
[00:49.92]1 What food do you like?I like chicken and chocolate.
[01:00.16]2 What food do you like best?
[01:06.09]I like chocolate best.That's my favourite food.
[01:11.97]Look and learn
[01:22.70]soya milk
[01:28.69]Look and say
[01:31.79]1 What drink do you like best?
[01:37.15]I like soya milk.That's my favourite drink.
[01:41.69]2 I don't like soya milk.I like 7-UP best.7-UP is my favourite drink,too.
[01:51.07]Look and learn
[02:03.64]7:00 a.m.—9:00 a.m.
[02:10.09]Lunch 11:30 a.m.—2:00 p.m.
[02:18.66]Dinner 6:00 p.m—9:00 p.m.
[02:41.31]toast and jam
[02:56.09]chicken wings
[02:58.94]fried rice
[03:22.76]Look and say
[03:26.92]What do you usually have for breakfast?
[03:31.98]I usually have toast and jam and a cup of tea.
[03:38.04]What do you usually have for lunch?
[03:42.17]Noodles!That's my favourite food for lunch.
[03:47.92]Look and learn
[04:01.95]Look and read
[04:05.71]What are we going to eat today,Mum?I don't know.
[04:15.16]I'm going to write a list of food for today and tomorrow.
[04:22.24]OK! Choose the food you like.
[04:46.75]orange juice
[04:55.42]a sandwich
[05:01.24]an apple
[05:10.31]a pear
[05:47.30]What are you eating,Ben?
[05:50.85]A chocolate sundae.Have you ever eaten chocolate sundaes?
[05:57.98]Yes,I have.They're nice!
[06:02.71]What are you eating,Mark?A hot-dog.Have you ever eaten hot-dogs?
[06:09.87]No,I haven't.I don't like sausages.
[06:15.43]Ask and answer
[06:38.60]Tommy Target
[06:46.02]favourite food/drink
[06:50.67]usually have...for breakfast/lunch/dinner
[07:05.33]What are you going to...?
[07:09.17]What did you eat/have...?
[07:13.63]Have you ever eaten____?
[07:17.08]Yes,I have./No,I haven't.