[00:00.00]Food and drinks
[00:23.09]1 Shopping at the supermarket
[00:27.95]Look and read
[00:31.19]1 Let's go to the supermarket.
[00:37.04]What do we need?
[00:40.70]2 Are there any drinks?
[00:46.86]No,there aren't any drinks.
[00:51.10]3 There isn't any rice.
[00:57.03]Are there any noodles?
[01:00.89]Yes,there are some noodles.
[01:05.23]4 We need some biscuits and sweets.
[01:12.39]We don't need any sweets.Let's buy some fruit.
[01:19.93]5 We need some bread and some milk.
[01:27.17]There's some milk in the fridge.
[01:31.30]6 We also need some tea.
[01:36.97]Come on.Let's go to the supermarket.
[01:42.22]Ask about
[02:28.48]oranges,fruit juice,
[02:38.72]Look and learn
[03:31.85]Frozen food
[03:38.15]fish balls
[03:41.31]Dairy products
[03:52.80]Is there lemonade,Kitty?Yes,there is.Here you are,Mum.
[04:06.15]Thank you.Are there any small cakes,Ben?
[04:13.91]No,there aren't,Mum.
[04:18.59]Look and read
[04:26.63]Kitty's shopping list
[04:29.69]1 small carton of milk
[04:34.86]1 large can of meat
[04:40.11]1 large bottle of orange juice
[04:46.48]1 large packet of sweets
[04:51.76]1 small bar of chocolate
[04:56.72]1 large bag of rice
[05:01.58]Tommy Target
[05:04.46]Is there any water?
[05:08.30]Yes,there is some water.
[05:13.26]No,there isn't any water.
[05:18.72]Are there any sweets?
[05:22.59]Yes,there are some sweets.
[05:27.84]No,there aren't any sweets.