[00:00.00]More oral practice
[00:04.99]1 Pets
[00:09.04]Bring your toy animals to class and talk in pairs,
[00:13.43]Look,there are many dogs in the shop.I like the black one.
[00:19.88]It's a puppy.I like the bigger one.Which one?
[00:25.44]The big white one.It has soft hair.
[00:31.09]Its ears are longer than Suzie's.
[00:36.44]Its eyes are bigger,too.
[00:41.12]Yes.But the black puppy is nicer.It's younger than Sam.
[00:48.38]It's thinner and lighter.I can take it everywhere.
[00:54.54]Excuse me.How much is the black puppy?
[01:00.42]Ninety yuan.Oh,it's too dear.I haven's got enough money.
[01:07.87]2 A holiday plan
[01:12.10]Are you going anywhere today?How are you going to get there?
[01:18.86]It's a holiday today.What are we going to do?
[01:28.61]I want to have a picnic.What's the weather like?
[01:34.01]It's going to be cloudy in the morning and sunny in the afternoon.
[01:40.57]How about a picnic in City Park?
[01:44.44]That's good.We can play some games and see some birds.
[01:50.00]Great!But how are we going to get there?
[01:54.55]We can take the underground to East End Station.
[01:59.28]Then we can take the Star Ferry to City Centre.
[02:03.74]We can go to People's Square by bus.
[02:08.42]Then let's walk to the park.That's great!Let's go.
[02:14.06]Can I bring Sam with me? Ok.