Losing weight is tough. It takes a lot of dedication, hard work and discipline to stay on track, especially with temptations all around. However it doesn't have to be nothing but rice cakes and misery. By tweaking your meals with some smart choices and a little advance preparation, you can avoid hundreds of hidden calories and finally lose that stubborn excess weight that seems to hang on in there, even though you are doing everything else right.

Nutrition guru and blogger Amanda Meixner has built a huge social media following on these smart choices.
营养学大师,美食博主Amanda Meixner在社交网上介绍了一些机智的食物选择法,积攒了一大群粉丝。
“Small tweaks add up!” She writes. “These swaps will not only save your waistline but also your health.” Because we make several food choices each day, Amanda encourages a thoughtful and organised approach. Instead of chips, go for popcorn for a salty snack. Drink black coffee instead of sugar-laden lattes. Dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. Prepare meals in advance, so you don't end up snacking on the go because you have nothing else. All pretty basic stuff really. Scroll down to check them out for yourself below, and let us know what you think in the comments!“
做一些小小的替换,就会产生大大的效果!”她在社交网上写道。“做这样的替换,不仅能拯救你的马甲线,而且有益健康。”关于食物,我们每天都会数次面临选择, Amanda 鼓励网友们深思熟虑,前后计划再做出选择。如果你想吃咸味的零食,不要吃薯条,选择咸味的爆米花。喝咖啡,不要喝加了太多糖的拿铁。吃黑巧克力,而不是牛奶巧克力。提前把饭准备好,这样你就不会不知不觉中吃了过多的零食了。其实这些都是很基本的小知识。往下翻,自己看看这些小技巧吧,在评论里让我们知道你的想法。


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