Luxury brand Chanel has launched the first-to-market mascara featuring 3D printing.

There have been incredible advances in technology in recent years and the beauty industry has been waiting with bated breath to see what impact these would have in the world of cosmetics.

As early as 2001, Chanel recognised the potential of 3D printing and, in 2007, it finally registered a patent for the manufacturing of cosmetic product applicators and, more specifically, a 3D printed mascara brush.

Now in 2018 the project has become a reality, with the technology that takes product design to new heights.

The first 3D printed brush on the market, it boasts an original shape to ensure improved performance, which would not have been possible with traditional production techniques.

Not only does the surface of the brush have a granular texture to optimise lash adherence and product deposit, but it’s also endowed with “microcavities”, which allow it to absorb the mascara formula and build lash volume with each stroke.

But it’s not just the wand that makes this a standout product. Developed in parallel with the brush, the formula features a combination of waxes – rice wax and beeswax – and a supple texture that coats and thickens the lashes.

At the heart of the formula, ultra-pure black pigments infuse the texture with absolute deep black, while natural jellifying agents help to stretch the lashes one by one.