M: Hello, I wish to buy a bottle of wine.

W: Hi, yes. What kind of wine would you like?

M: I don’t know. Sorry, I don’t know much about wine.

W: That’s no problem at all. What’s the occasion and how much would you like to spend?

M: It’s for my boss. It’s his birthday. I know he likes wine but I don’t know what type. I also did not want anything too expensive. Maybe middle range. How much would you say is a middle range bottle of a wine approximately?

W: Well, it varies greatly. Our lowest prices are around 60 dollars a bottle but those are table wines. They are not very special and I would not suggest them as a gift. On the other hand, our most expensive bottles are over a hundred and fifty dollars. If you are looking for something priced in the middle, I would say anything between 30 dollars and 60 dollars would make a decent gift. How does that sound?

M: um, yeah. I guess something in the vicinity of 30 or 40 would be good. Which type would you recommend?

W: I would say the safest option is always a red wine. They are generally more popular than whites and can usually be paired with food more easily. Our specialty here are Italian wines and these tend to be fruity with medium acidity. This one here is a Chianti which is perhaps Italy's most famous type of red wine. Alternatively, you may wish to try and surprise your boss with something less common such as this Zinfandel. The grapes are originally native to Croatia, but this winery is in eastern Italy. And it has more spicy and peppery flavor. So, to summarize, the Chianti is more classical and Zinfandel more exciting. Both are similarly priced, and just under 40 dollars.

M: I'll go with Chianti then, thanks.

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