What are some dressing hacks everyone should know?


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Dressing sense is the one which will attract anyone towards you. It will help not only in business meetings but on romantic dates as well.

Plain colors always score higher than stripes, cross and dots. Who looks more graceful?

Combination of shoes, belt and watch is underrated, but it’s deadly if you make it right. Never mix black with brown or vice-versa. Check out yourself.

Never ever wear white socks. These are meant for school. The combination of Pant, Shoe and socks has to be proper.

If you want to know the worth of a man, check his shoes. Shoes has to be clean and polished every day. I do it everyday by myself. No one will notice your high priced Jockey underwear but yes, everybody will notice your dirty shoes.

Waist coats are perfect to define your straight perfect body. Never wear a waist coat with T-shirts.Never mix casual with formal dress.

Men can also wear bright colour formal shirts, but it has to be balanced with skin tone and rest of clothing.


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The correct way to wear ankle length boots is not to tuck in your pant but to fold it.

For a woman, if your shirt is popping open from your chest. You can put a double sided tape to secure the buttoned part of the shirt.

The correct way to hang your sweater is:

If you are in a hurry and you think that the button on your clothes is just hanging by a thread or is loose. You can put fevicol on the stiched part. It will dry up fastening the button and will be transparent.