Thomas Markle will still walk his daughter down the aisle on Saturday – despite revelations that he posed for pictures taken by a pararazzi photographer.

His son, Thomas Jr, has said his father plans to apologise to Meghan Markle for the stunt that has left him and his family 'deeply embarrassed'.

Kensington Palace was silent about claims that Miss Markle’s father had secretly collaborated to stage a series of ‘faked’ photographs in the run-up to the royal wedding.

Yet Thomas Jr said his father will apologise to both Miss Markle and Prince Harry privately for the pictures - but jumped to his father's defence saying that the family have been under intense pressure since the royal couple's engagement.

The palace refused to comment on the allegations, but it is understood there is no change to plans for Mr Markle to walk the bride down the aisle on Saturday.

Both Prince Harry and Miss Markle however, are likely to be embarrassed by the revelations that Mr Markle secretly posed for pictures showing him being ‘measured’ for his wedding suit and browsing articles about his daughter and the Queen’s grandson in an internet cafe.

In all of them Mr Markle appears to be unaware they are being taken and yet they were in fact contrived and shot with his co-operation.

It is not known whether Mr Markle was paid for his involvement - but the photographs are said to have sold for £100,000 across the world.

The disclosure came after warnings to the media from Kensington Palace about alleged harassment by photographers of both Miss Markle’s parents.