What has been your best career decision(s)?



After moving out of college as a fresh engineering graduate, I got cheated by a fake software company. I had paid 30k to get that fake job! :( The worst part was my mother had sold her anklets to arrange that money. In fact she was very happy to give me the money as she believed that I became a software engineer(She never went to school).

I couldn't share this story with my mother and joined an international BPO in bangalore to earn bread and butter and worked here for 6 months. I didn't tell my mother that I lost money and joined a BPO as I didn't want to break her heart. I lied to her that I'm doing good at my work. 15k was my monthly salary in BPO and I was in my comfort zone. Also I had already lost all hopes in software job.

At that point of time, one of my college friends told me about this small start up software company located in Yelahanka. I visited this start up the next day itself and agreed for below terms and conditions:

●No salary for 3 months

●You will be paid 5k INR as salary after 3 months

●1.5 years bond

I grabbed this opportunity without any second thought. I started working as a software developer. As my performance was good, after 6 months I was offered 20k INR per month(it was huge for me) and was sent to a client location to work.

Fast forward 3 years, I’m working in one of the big IT giants in the world and 58k INR is my take home.

Finally I made it! I made her dream come true. I never shared this story with her till now. And yes! I gifted her new pair of anklets and bangles too also I have started construction of new house in my village. She is super happy now.

Coming out of my comfort zone and joining the start up without considering the salary, company reputation and other benefits was my best career decision :)