The font of a document can go a long way in expressing the underlying feelings or mood behind your communication. Thus, choosing the correct font is an important skill to have in every form of typed communication, from personal notes for your sweetheart to cover letters for job applications.

Here's a guide that will give you a few ideas on where to start your search for the perfect font. But, again, the font you use says a lot about you personally, so use these suggestions as a starting point only.

Professional communication

If you’re typing your résumé or cover letter, you have a few different options that are worth looking into. To begin with, word processing programs like Microsoft Word choose to employ Calibri as a standard font and for good reason. It’s safe and easy to read. You don’t want a prospective employer struggling to read your documents.

Times New Roman is a classic choice in font style along the same lines. If you insist on going a bit outside of the standard scope, consider Georgia, Serif, San-serif or Arial. All are easy to read but give you a little more freedom to use fonts that are little less common on documents like these. When it comes to sizing, it’s best to stick to 12-point font.
同样,在选择字体的时候,Times New Roman(新罗马字体)也是很有代表性的字体。如果你坚持选择标准范围以外的字体,你可以考虑一下Georgia(格鲁吉亚字体)、Serif(衬线字体)、San-serif(灯芯体)或Arial(英文黑体)。所有的这些字体都易于阅读,而且还给了你更多自由使你可以在文件中使用这些不太常见的字体。说到字号,最好的选择是12号字体。

Events, advertisements and announcements

When you’re putting together an event flyer, poster or other kind of informal announcement, the object of the document is much different than those found in the professional world. You want a font that will make whatever you are communicating highly noticeable .

If you want something a little on the lighter side, check out Bradley Hand ITC or Papyrus. Their curves bring a carefree attitude to readers. Garamond is a very readable option while fonts like Jokerman and Curlz MT are fun and different. You can use whatever size font you deem necessary for your announcement, just make sure it’s big enough to grab the attention of your intended audience.
如果你想要轻松一点的字体,你可以选择Bradley Hand ITC(一种字体)或Papyrus(一种字体),它们的曲线会为读者带来一种畅快的感觉。Garamond(加拉蒙字体)是一种非常易读的字体,而Jokerman(一种字体)和Curlz MT(一种字体)这样的字体则有趣且与众不同。对于你的公告,你可以选择你认为必要的任何字体,只是你要确保这种字体足够大可以吸引你的目标受众的注意力。

Invitations for formal occasions

Weddings, baby showers or milestone birthday celebrations are usually occasions that warrant a formal celebration. Your invitations should reflect the formality appropriately. You want the font to be festive and elegant enough to represent the special event that you are celebrating.

Londonderry Air and virtually any Script font are great places to start your search for an appropriate font. On personalized invitations, you don’t want the font to be overwhelmingly large, but often times you will need a font larger than 12 point for the fancier fonts to be legible.
你可以从Londonderry Air(一种字体)以及差不多所有的书写体中选择一种合适的字体。在个性化的邀请函上,你可能并不想要特别大的字体,但你往往需要比12号字稍大一些的字体,这样看起来更清晰易读。

Personal correspondence

You can have the most fun selecting your font for any kind of personal correspondence. Whether you're typing a letter to your mother or to a boyfriend or girlfriend, you have the freedom to do it in whatever font you'd like.

Be as formal or playful as you’d like and do it in whatever size you deem appropriate. Try out a new font the next time you send a thank you card to your grandmother for the birthday present she got you like Verdana or Lucida Console.
你可以选择正式或有趣的字体,选择你认为恰当的任何字号。当你下次为了感谢祖母送你生日礼物而给她寄感谢卡的时候,你可以试着选择一种新字体,例如Verdana(一种字体)或Lucida Console(一种字体)。