Designer Tommy Hilfiger is taking inclusivity to the next level. This week he launched his Spring Adaptive Collection, a third line aimed at people with disabilities.
设计师Tommy Hilfiger将包容又深化了一个层次。本周在他的春季新品集中,第三产品线专为残疾人设计。

In 2016 Hilfiger created a first inclusive clothing line for children. He collaborated with Runway of Dreams, a nonprofit organization which works towards the inclusion of disabled people in fashion industry. In 2017 the designer created his first line aimed at adults with special needs.
2016年Hilfiger首次针对儿童设计产品。他和非盈利机构Runway of Dreams合作,将残疾人纳入时尚设计的顾客。2017年,设计师开发了一条专供成年残疾人的产品线。

Hilfiger's third line includes all typical types of clothes like dresses, pants, jackets, skirts, and shorts.

This line still looks like typical Tommy Hilfiger collection, but with some important alterations. The clothes are modified with magnetic buttons, adjustable hems, velcro closures, one-handed zippers to serve people with various levels of ability.
该线的产品它们风格一致,所以一看就是Tommy Hilfiger生产的,但是其中却有不小的变化。这些衣物都有磁性纽扣,可以调整的折边,魔术贴封口,可以单手使用的拉练,为各类残疾人士提供便利。

Hopefully, other designers will follow this example and takes a step forward to be more inclusive and diverse.

Despite the fact, that one billion people worldwide live with disabilities, clothing options for them are limited

Hilfiger's efforts to be more inclusive is a big step forward for diverse fashion.