What is one small life change you have made recently to better your health?


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I used to work 9 - 5, get home, watch tv, order in, stay up late, wake up tired, rinse and repeat.

When I got engaged, I knew that the pictures from our wedding day would be the ones we showed our children years from now and I did not want that image to be what it was I saw in the mirror. I knew I had some work to do (and bless my wife, she encouraged me to be healthier and start walking).

So what was the one small life change that improved my health? I set up rules. I set up two rules specifically:

1.No matter what, you are going for a walk today.

2.No drinking or eating out during the week.

Regarding the first rule, rain or shine, morning or night, I was going to go outside and walk around the neighborhood. Sure there were days where I meant to go but didn’t, and days where something came up and I couldn’t find the hour or two I needed to hit my goal. But by setting that goal to walk every day, I ended up walking around 22–25 days a month.

Regarding the second rule, I enjoy drinking socially. So I defined the week as Monday through Friday day. Those 4.5 days I was going to eat healthy. Make my own breakfast daily, prep lunches for the work week, and cook my own food at home.

Then come Friday night, I could go out and have a few beers with my buddies, or stay in and share a bottle of wine with my fiancee, and I would go out to eat on Saturdays and Sundays, basically all rules were off for about 56 hours.

While this probably slowed my progress down significantly, I found it incredibly easy to stick to. And since I still stuck to my daily walks, they helped as a reminder to rein in my weekend consumption just a little bit and as my walking progressed, so too did my calorie deficits (at least during the week).

The end result was a daily calorie deficit of about 1,500 calories during the week and a gain of about 500 - 1,000 calories on the weekends. That worked out to about a pound and a half of weight lost per week.
最终结果是周一至周五每天减少约1,500卡热量,周末又增加500 - 1,000卡,算下来每周减掉了约一磅半的体重。