OK, I wasn’t fired but this is how it went.

Back in 2005, I had just started working and was almost at my peak of being a ladies man (or so i thought). Always spotted with a different girl (or so people perceived). I was an associate and kinda developed a crush on this manager. She seemed nice and the usual.

Long story short I asked her out and it worked. (Story for another day).

We seemed to be pretty fond of each other and hung out quite a lot. In and out of office. Later on, during one of her 1-on-1s with her manager, he suggested her to stop hanging out with me. You know ‘perception is reality’ kinda stuff. That hanging out with a younger and reckless guy like me would be a career liming move for her.

She didn’t listen and shared this with me right after her meeting. And of course I felt bad. But not hurt.

We dated for a while and eventually broke up. For some other reasons. Mostly petty.

Fast forward 11 years, I join a new company as a Sr. Manager and word kinda spread about me. Mostly superficial- based on my looks and age.

By the end of first week, a guy walks up to my cabin and greets me with a ‘bhai’ after my name. I look at him baffled. It’s the same manager who my ex reported to all those years ago. We shake hands and talk for a while.

He then said ‘You have now become my manager. You have come a long way.’

It was quite a moment. Mixed emotions. But I was proud of myself more than anything. Proud that I worked hard and earned my respect.