How would you compare Eastern and Western culture and philosophy?


获得901好评的回答@Arya Elhamdi:

The biggest difference between Western and Eastern culture is the flexibility towards change and reform.

West was not always like the West that we know today. They have adapted to newer ways of life faster than Easterns while Easterns adapt to change slowly.

Nationalism is lesser in Western culture. Today’s Westerns have almost nothing similar to the way their ancestors lived. Even compared to 1950s society today’s Western culture is much different. In East they will often bring up their ancestors and their way of lives and traditions which gets in the way of change.

Western culture is centered mostly around freedom. Freedom to do anything. Freedom to choose anything. Freedom to say anything. Because of that freedom people change the way they want and the society, tradition and lifestyle changes fast.

Eastern culture is more conservative and controlling towards people’s actions and their lives, too many taboos, old traditional dogmas which tells them to live in a certain way other people see fit.

Inequality in Eastern culture is higher, it could be based on gender or even age. In some Eastern culture being elder gives people special privileges and elders control everyone’s lives, they have a say on how everyone should live. An elder voice counts, young voices are not taken into account, another reason that hinders their social growth and change.


获得66好评的回答@Amin Rah:

Western culture has freedom to the point people THINK they can do whatever they want but it is not the case since I lived in the West for the past 15 years and these freedoms can become negative to the point that certain people can be granted so called privileges more so than others. Freedom doesn't exist anywhere. It is all privileges given to us by the elite of this world.

Eastern culture is worse because there is literally less privilege unless you live in Japan or Israel and a few other nations but overall, too much dictatorship exist by religious retards, who want to control people to the point people not only hate the government but the very nation they reside in.