A restaurant has created the world's cheesiest pizza – with a dough base topped with a whopping 288.6g of cheese.

Vadoli, in Berlin, Germany, was officially recognised by Guinness World Records officials earlier this month after topping its pizza with 111 different varieties.

The restaurant has taken the title from a small pizzeria in Portland, Oregon US, which was previously awarded after crafting its 101-cheese pizza.

Vadoli pizzaioli (pizza chefs) created their record-breaking Pizza Centoundici Formaggi using the likes of Roquefort, Reblochon, and Pecorino alongside classics such as mozzarella and Parmesan.
披萨主厨瓦多里的这款创记录披萨名叫“Centoundici Formaggi”,使用的原料有罗克福尔干酪、半软淡味干酪、和莫泽雷勒干酪、帕尔马干酪等经典奶酪。

Dairy expert Martina Loeser, who assessed the cheeses, joined judge Lena Kuhlmann for the tasting.
奶制品专家马丁·罗伊斯(Martina Loeser)负责鉴定奶酪,评委蕾娜·昆曼(Lena Kuhlmann)负责品尝。

"Every bite tastes different," Lena said. "The crust and the base look crispy and none of it is burnt."

Local German cheese Bergblumenkäse also featured, as well as an 18-month aged Comté, produced in the rural Jura, France, to meticulous methods.

Vidoli was asked to get baking by delivery site . The company's general manager Nikolay Abroso said : "With this record we’re pushing the boundaries and bringing variety to the next level, showing what a pizza can really do."
有人说瓦多里可以在网上售卖这款披萨。餐厅经理尼克拉·阿不罗索(Nikolay Abroso)说:“这个记录是我们不断突破创新的动力,我们要看看一个披萨到底能做到什么程度。”

Sadly, the pizza was a one off.