What are the habits of highly successful people?


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If I ever had a man-crush on someone it has to be Gary Vaynerchuk.
以男人的眼光来看,我最欣赏的人是Gary Vaynerchuk。

•The man who boosted his father's $4 million business to $60 million business in less than 5 years.

•The man who is the most followed writer on Medium.

•The man who is one of the top 49 most influential persons by Askmens.

•The man who runs a successful YouTube channel by his name having 886k subscribers.

Let's analyse his any random day:

✓He wakes up at 5:15 a.m.

✓Plays his favourite sport basketball and spends some time with his wife, daughter, son and his mom.

✓Attends one after another 12 meetings with his potential clients, vaynermedia's members, wine library clients etc.

✓Attends more than 7 calls from his clients throughout the day while walking or travelling.

✓ Film and posts 2 videos on his YouTube channel Gary Vaynerchuk.
拍摄两段视频并上传到他的YouTube频道Gary Vaynerchu上。

✓ Conferences with more than 4 groups.

✓ Travels more than 7 times a day as a part of work.

(All the facts and images are based on his video A Day in the Life of Gary Vaynerchuk)
(以上情况和图片均来自他的视频《Gary Vaynerchuk生活中的一天》)

In this way, his day is divided into two parts:


•No work

Now, with having such a busy and tight day, how can't any person be successful?

Yes, all the successful people have the habit of making themselves busy throughout the day. They know that “every single minute counts”. If you go and ask them, “Hey, there is new movie released today, let's watch it!”

Their response would be most of the time, “I have many other things to do, I will not take my day off just because one silly movie which didn't matter to a single percent in my real life.”

Always remember, “If you want to shine like the sun, you have to burn like it” - APJ ABDUL KALAM
你永远要记住:“如果你想要像太阳一样闪耀,就要像太阳一样燃烧”——APJ ABDUL KALAM

Make yourself busy, right now, this moment.