Global cosmetics giant Chanel has opened a branded Coco game center in Shibuya ward, Tokyo.

Having recently opened its first store in Korea , Chanel Beauty is levelling up – literally – by unveiling a new arcade-themed beauty experience. Yep, you heard that right – the Parisian luxury house will be settling in none other than Tokyo for this completely unique, limited-time-only project.

Open from March 2nd to March 11th in Jingumae, near Omotesando and Harajuku, the ground floor of the game center features makeup tables in the style of game machines as well as customized classic arcade games, while the second floor has makeup samples for visitors to try.

The arcade game machines introduce visitors to various lip and nail colors in the Chanel spring 2018 lineup.

Dubbed the Coco Game Center, the space brings together the worlds of cosmetics and games. Visitors will be able to to enjoy original games, including a unique version of the retro Pong game, which has pixelated versions of Rouge Coco in place of the traditional paddles. Alongside this are crane machines and games that allow additional chances to win select products.
在这个可可游戏中心,有数不胜数的化妆品和游戏。参观者可以玩到独创的游戏,包括独一无二的复古Pong游戏,在平面上将Rouge Coco的产品当作像素块来拼玩。此外还有抓娃娃机(用来抓香奈儿美妆产品),还有其他的游戏机能够让游客有机会赢得精选产品。