Emma Watson was showing off a fake tattoo on the red carpet at the Vanity Fair Oscars party on Sunday evening - but it featured a glaring grammatical error. The large inking on her forearm is in tribute to Time's Up - the movement that provides support for victims sexual harassment, assault, or abuse in the workplace.
周日晚,在由《名利场》主办的奥斯卡晚会的红地毯上,艾玛·沃森展示了她的假纹身。但纹身,出现了明显的语法错误。纹身是印在她的前臂上的,字是“Time's Up ”,意思是一场运动,这场运动目的是为了支持那些在工作场所受到性侵犯、性骚扰的受害者。

But the cursive script features a typo - that the Brown's University graduate should have spotted tattoo was missing the apostrophe that shortens 'Time is up' to the snappier 'Time's Up'. Responding to the comments flooding social media on Monday, Emma eventually took to Twitter to address the mistake.
但是,她的纹身上有一个布朗大学毕业的人都应该能发现的语法错误,在把句子“Time is  up”缩短成了“Time's up”的时候,少了标点符号“撇号”,周一,艾玛回应了社交媒体上成千上万的评论,她最终在推特上发表了自己对这项语法错误的看法。

"Fake tattoo proofreading position available. Experience with apostrophes a must," Emma wrote. On the night, Emma's new hair - and her "crazy" fringe - also set tongues wagging. She wore her brunette locks in a shaggy cut finished with an uneven and chopping fringe.

"All I want to know is what is up with Emma Watson's fringe," one viewer tweeted."What'with the crazy fringe. Just stay pretty and blessed," another added. "

But others loved the fashion-forward hairstyle. "I'm living for Emma Watson's current fringe. If only I had enough hair," one fan tweeted. 但是也有喜欢艾玛的时尚发型的。“我就喜欢艾玛这时尚的发型。假如我有足够的头发就好了。”有个艾玛的粉丝在推特上写道。