The robots have revolted, and they're not taking prisoners. During Sunday night's Super Bowl deluge of trailers and adverts, Westworld fans got a chance to see what the second season of the sci-fi western will look like: and it's not pretty.


he trailer for the show, which is set to return in April 2018, sees Evan Rachel Wood’s Dolores deliver a haunting monologue over a subdued piano cover of Kanye West’s Runaway. “We built this world together, this world where dreams come true,” she says.
在2018年4月即将上映的这部剧中,埃文·蕾切尔·伍德饰演的多洛雷斯独白声掩盖了Kanye West演唱Runaway的歌声,说道,“我们共建了这个世界,它让梦想照进了现实。”

“We can burn it to the ground. From the ashes, build a new world. Our world.”

The first season, which finished in late 2016, ended with the robotic hosts of Westworld turning on their human enemies and taking revenge by gunning them down in the twisted theme park. The trailer continues that with Dolores and friends hunting humans on horseback, and seemingly venturing into the real world while threatening to destroy it.

There's been speculation about the different worlds that the second Westworld could explore. “It’s the story of the origin of a new species on this planet,” said creator Jonathan Nolan.
有猜测说第二季的《西部世界》将会呈现一个不同的世界。导演Jonathan Nolan说:“原著小说中新的物种将会出现在这个世界上。”

“And being able to tell that in chapters and commit to aggressive moves season-by-season that propel that story upwards and outwards and inwards.”

In this trailer there are Native American hosts, the mysterious hooded men from the first season and some non-human-like robots. But there was no sign of the fan favourite Samurai hosts, who appeared in the final scenes of the first series.

The trailer ends with the US air date of the show: 22 April. The show will start in the UK on Sky Atlantic and Now TV on 23 April.
预告片以显示4月22日为上映日期结束。4月23日会登陆英国的SkyAltantic和Now TV。