Have you ever lost any respect for someone instantly?


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My son briefly dated a girl for about a week when he was around 17. The girl was 15.

Her mom came to drop her daughter off at our house as I was going to take them somewhere, a movie or something, I think.

This was my first meeting with her mother. She proceeded to get out of the car and we started talking pleasantly.

She then told me that she can tell ‘worthwhile’, ‘decent’ people by their vehicles and houses.

If they don’t have any damage on their vehicles and their yards are pristine and perfect then they are good people.

She was standing right behind my car, which had a large scratch across one back taillight and a little bit of damage on the body after I’d accidentally backed into our own mailbox two days after moving into our home.

We were standing in my driveway and my yard wasn't weeded, it needed bark, and the lawn needed to be cut.

Instead of working on my yard, I’d spent most of that summer volunteering at my son’s school helping with the music program, which her daughter was also in, including spending every day at band camp feeding those students during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She knew this too, and never volunteered to help.

Any shred of respect I had for this woman evaporated in that moment.

Their flirting lasted just a short while because her mother kept insulting my son, insisting he was not going anywhere in life and destined to be a loser with no job and that he probably just wanted her daughter for sex. She couldn’t have been farther off the mark. My son broke it off because the girl acted so immaturely, he couldn’t even bring himself to kiss her as he said it felt like dating his own younger sister. He also didn’t like her mother at all.

Cut to several years later and the mother caught her daughter and her then boyfriend in flagrante. She ended up getting pregnant as a teen and I think now has two children.


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A few years ago I invited one of my son’s friend’s parents for dinner. As we sat down, the father made a derogatory comment about Jews. Upon seeing my disapproval, he quickly backtracked and then insulted blacks. His last attempt was “white people”.

The poor chap made multiple attempts to find a common group to hate between us. Needless to say, I never spoke with him again.

If you’re racist, I’ll instantly lose respect for you regardless of what else you might have achieved in life.