As a British person visiting the U.S., what is the most astounding thing someone over there has said to you?


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Swimming in a river on a hot day in Kentucky, I notice a man and his son walking along the river close by.

My experience with the locals up to this point had led me to believe that my typical British reservedness could be construed as rude.

So as the man and his son approached, we locked eyes and with a big smile I said ‘Hey! How you doing?’ The father gave me a stern look, ignoring me and holding onto his son, and said with a deep Kentucky accent, “Son, you stay away from people like him…… he ain’t from ‘round here”.

After instructing a taxi driver where I wished to go while in Virginia, noting the accent, the taxi driver proceeds to ask me where I am from. I tell him I'm from the UK. He was very shocked, insisting that I “looked Palestinian” and had Palestinian features. Strange, I thought, considering that I’ve blond hair and blue eyes.


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We (my wife and I) were staying in a Disney hotel in Disneyworld. One day at breakfast the restaurant was pretty full so we couldn't find a table for ourselves.

We spotted a couple of seats free at a table with a family and asked whether they would mind if we shared the table with them. They didn't mind and so we ate and made small talk, including about the fact that we were from the UK.

The family was from the US and a reasonable way through the meal the father asked what "bugger" meant.

I think I froze for quite a while trying to work out how to answer this in this situation.

My response from memory was "what one gay man might do to another".

Cue "oh" as a response and a slightly awkward silence...