When you say, “You are talented!”, there are two things that you could actually mean. The first is used when you are talking about someone who is trying something for the first time. The second is if you want to compliment what the person did, whether or not they are new at the field.
当你想说“You are talented!”的时候,这句话可能有两层含义。第一种含义适用于某人初次尝试某事的时候。第二种适用于对于某人所说的话进行恭维,这与他们在这一行是不是新手没有关系。

1. Have you ever taken a class on this or anything?

This is a good way to keep the conversation light while also expressing how surprised you are. The person who you are talking to likely is able to do great work, but it is clearly their first time trying it. For this reason, you are complimenting their innate ability to learn that skill.

2. Did anyone teach you to do this?

Similar to the first question, this question is asked because someone did something really well. The difference is that asking whether someone taught them the skill is more appropriate for younger students. The reason is that older students have the ability to teach themselves and can read a book to improve, while younger children usually have neither the desire nor resources to do that.

Like the previous question, this one represents surprise. It is the first time that the person has tried this particular skill, and they did it well.

3. You make this seem effortless.

One of the best things about experts is that they make something really difficult seem like it is effortless. Not everyone can actually do that! Only someone who is really good at something can make it look effortless.

If you say this to someone, it is really high praise. It means that you really admire the person’s ability to do something, and that they are very talented at doing it.

4. You are seriously gifted at this.

This is probably the closest you can get to an exact synonym for saying “you are talented”. If you are thoroughly impressed by what someone else has done, you can praise their gifts as well as their talent and what they create.
这是 “you are talented”的同义词。如果对别人做的事情印象深刻,你可以称赞他们的天赋以及他们做的事情。

5. You could sell your songs/art.

Another way to make an artist feel really great about their work is to give them social proof. This is support from other people, not just their friends.

If you genuinely think their work is good enough to share with a huge audience, you could suggest that they sell their work and see whether or not people are interested in paying them for their services!

6. You are really good at this!

This is a great way to simply point out that someone is very good at something. It does not mention their talent specifically, but most of the time you need a bit of talent on top of all your hard work to become very good at something.

7. This is amazing/incredible /etc.!

This is a great expression to use when you are looking at a painting, after you hear a song, or when you are admiring the work of the talented person. You can use any of these adjectives and similar ones to praise what the person can do.

8. You are an expert at this!

Because an expert is anyone who has extensive knowledge in a particular field and is called upon to give advice, everyone feels good when they are called one. If you want to praise the body of knowledge and expertise that someone has, you can call them an expert!

9. If you taught this, I would sign up!

Another step that that someone who is really good at someone will teach what they know to the people around them. If you want to learn from an expert, you can expect to pay a hefty sum! Many people pay up to learn from the best, and telling someone that they are worthy to learn from means that you can really respect their skills.

10. You are so skilled; you really know what you are doing!

If you simply want to express your admiration for someone, you can tell them that they are very skilled, and that they know what they are doing.