It's not just women who gain baby weight - men often pile on the pregnancy pounds too.

Dad-to-be Jesse decided to get fit after noticing his waistline growing as he and his wife prepared to welcome their first child last year.

But rather than go it alone, the 32-year-old's whole family embarked on a weight loss journey while under the same roof.

Jesse's mum moved in with her son and daughter-in-law to help with the new baby and his father came too to strengthen the bond between the three generations of the family.

As the older man was battling an alcohol problem, Jess thought a weight loss programme could help him regain his passion for life.

The family started by walking, then jogging before joining a gym.

Jesse, a photographer from Xiamen, China, tracked their progress by taking pictures every 10 days.

The plan was initially meant to last from March 10 to September 30, but over that time it became a way of life.

During that time, the couple welcomed baby son Johnny in May 2017.

Jesse posted the updates on his Instagram account and the results are incredible.

Each member of the family has undergone an amazing transformation but Jesse says the most rewarding result was seeing his father grow in confidence.