Any Starbucks addict will admit buying coffee there isn't exactly a cheap stop. If you thought your seasonal drink addiction was putting a dent in your wallet, though, you'll cringe to see the prices at other locations around the world.

The Wall Street Journal converted the Starbucks prices in various cities around the world to U.S. dollars, and the differences were staggering. A tall (aka “small”) latte in New York costs $3.45, which is already higher than the $2.95 national average. In London, on the other hand, you’d pay just $2.84, and you'll get the cheapest drink possible with a $1.53 Starbucks latte in Cairo.
根据《华尔街日报》世界不同地方星巴克的定价不同,而且差价不小呢。一个Tall(小杯) 拿铁在纽约的售价是3.45美元(折合人民币22.48元),比美国饮料的均价2.95美元要贵。而在伦敦,你只需要花费2.84美元(折合人民币18.46元),在开罗可以买到全世界最便宜的星巴克小杯拿铁,只需1.53美元(折合人民币10元)。

On the other end of the spectrum, don't head to a Starbucks in Switzerland if you’re looking to save money. Topping the list as the most expensive Starbucks, a latte in Zurich will cost $5.76—way more than you’d be shelling out at your local U.S.

Of course, a dollar will go further in some countries than in others. Personal finance research firmValuePenguin looked at Starbucks prices around the world. Analysts converted the cost of a tall latte into U.S. dollars, then adjusted that number to match the relative cost of other goods in the country to account for the usual purchasing power.


elatively speaking, Americans actually can get the cheapest Starbucks in the world—just $2.75 for a tall latte in January 2016 (though up to $2.95 by the end of 2017). Australians’ Starbucks lattes are worth $2.86, Brits’ are worth $2.88, and Canadians' and New Zealanders' are worth $3.06, according to ValuePenguin. Not a huge difference, but still something.

When taking that into account, a Starbucks latte would be quite the luxury. For instance, you’d be paying a pretty penny in India ($7.99), Thailand ($8.04), Vietnam ($8.18), and Indonesia ($8.21).

Those don't even compare to the world’s absolute most extravagant Starbucks, though. Stop for a latte in Russia and you're looking to drop the equivalent of $12.32 on your morning pick-me-up. We'll skip the Starbucks stop in Russia and stick with tealike most Russians to get more bang from those bucks.