Respect Others and You Will be Respected

With the society and economy developing rapidly, a growing number of people are paying close attention to new values, while certain essential and crucial ones are not and will never be out of date. There is no doubt in saying that everyone longs for respect from others due to the truth that respect has been a basic mental need throughout human society.
What is the best way to earn respect from others? Obviously, it is not hard to come up with the answer, to respect others, be it in words or manners. Just as a famous writer, Zhou Guoping, once put it, one’s dignity can be fully expressed by showing respect for others. It is a fact that showing respect for our family, our friends, our colleagues and anyone who is worth being respected not only plays an indispensable role in gaining respect from others but also contributes to the construction of a harmonious society.
Respect others, and you will be respected. To enhance the awareness of respecting others from the bottom of heart is of great significance to achieving a happiness-enhancing life. It is imperative for us to cultivate and develop this traditional and treasurable quality. Only in this way can we exert a positive influence on social environment.