Section A 长对话

1. C) They facilitate the donation of unsold foods to the needy.

2. B) It passed a law aiming to stop overproduction.

3. D) It has banned supermarkets from dumping edible foods.

4. A) The confusion over food expiration labels.

5. B) It has just launched its annual anniversary sales.

6. D) Price adjustments within seven days of purchase.

7. C) Credit it to her account.

8. D) Complimentary tailoring.


Section B 短文

9. A) They are thin, tall, and unlike real human beings.

10. D) Their body shapes have not changed much.

11. C) On the Internet.

12. A) Movable metal type began to be used in printing.

13. B) It was the biggest printer in the 16th century.

14. B) It boosted the circulation of popular works.

15. D) It promoted the growth of national languages.


Section C 讲座

16. D) They choose a job without thinking it through.

17. B) Find out what job choices are available.

18. A) The qualifications you have.

19. B) It is a cultural festival founded for African-Americans.

20. C) To help African-Americans to realize their goals.

21. B) The first fruits of the harvest.

22. A) They recite a principle.

23. A) It is one of the world’s most healthy diets.

24. C) It is regarded as one of the greatest researches of its kind.

25. D) They have lower mortality rates.